I can’t resist watching my Brother and his panty fetish!

I was always close with my brother so I was happy when he moved back in from college. My school let us out early and I was excited to get home to see my brother. When I walked inside I could see that my big brother had a pair of my used panties wrapped around his cock laying on my bed! I had heard how some men had a panty fetish but I never expected him! Without knowing what to do I stood and watched him.

I quickly took the opportunity to pull my phone out and start to film him. At first, it was just so I could use it against him, but as I watched I couldn’t help but start to get wet. My hand found its way to my clit as I listened to him moan. This was quickly becoming a sex tape I would be watching often. Before I could think I pushed into my bedroom and stood in front of my brother. He was visibly shocked but he didn’t try to cover himself. I reached down and took my panties back, tossing them to the floor.

I had never needed something so bad…

He bit his lip as I straddled him, soaked panties rubbing against his cock. His hand slid down to feel the wet fabric before sliding them to the side. I moaned as he guided me to ride his shaft. My big brother was fucking my tight teen pussy and I couldn’t get enough! With his hand in my hair, I started to cum hard, riding him faster and harder. His panty fetish was perverted and I fucking loved it! He began to grunt as he came inside my pussy, emptying his balls. I could feel his cum dripping out into my panties and for some reason, I didn’t want to clean up. That night we ate dinner together as a family with my brother’s cum dripping down my thigh.

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