Sex Slave Trafficking: One Dirty, Crazy Night in Bangkok

Sex Slave Trafficking: As many of you know, I took off to Southeast Asia for the past couple of weeks! I spent some time in Cambodia fucking a couple of guys in the holy temples of Angkor Wat (hehehe)… Not to mention riding elephants in Laos! But I knew I had to do some riding of my own in the Land of Smiles. Or should I call it the Land of Fucks? I am of course, referring to the debaucherous, fun, party country known as Thailand.

Having drugs in Thailand is a big no-no, as you might know. We’ve all heard the stories of life imprisonment. A dumb girl accepts a gift from a guy and security arrests her at the airport. That, and did you know that technically speaking, the death sentence is still legal in these sorts of cases? Anyways, I wasn’t about to let any of that nonsense get in the way of my trip. Especially in a country where “Long time? Short time?” can be heard at every corner of the street.

If someone would’ve told me this trip would be the one that I would delve into sex slave trafficking, I’d never have believed you.

But that’s exactly what happened! It started out as many of my yearly Asia trips do with a sex fueled rendezvous with some of my favorite fuck partners in Hong Kong. Then I slipped away to Thailand for some rest, relaxation and shrilling orgasms. I’d packed my favorite leather gear, crotchless panties and fuck toys. My body had never looked better and I was so ready to show it off to some of the best lovers I could experience in the entire world. I am a woman who knows what she wants and I’m never afraid to explore or try new things! And I always look to the East for a bit of encouragement to push my boundaries. As you can read in my crazy sex stories, I’m not afraid at all to expand my horizons and try the newest, kinkiest things!

Pleasure, pain, boundaries, orientation, gender are all so much more fluid in the opposite hemisphere.

The way they play and who they play with are more fungible and come with very little judgment. My pussy would tingle each time the plane began to descend, almost knowing it was about to have time of its life. Decadence and excess ran rampant in a place where whatever you wanted with whomever you wanted whenever you wanted it. From the moment I hit the ground I wanted it now!

Of course, you know me and my adult sex stories – the trip naturally started with some action at the airport lounge…

Anyways, I love the nightlife in Hong Kong and love to go as many times a year as possible. Something different happens to me in Asia and I constantly feel a little freer and doing my “work” is a million times more fun.

The last few nights were a complete blur, a bar, a sex club – so many men, some women, some trannies and so much fucking!

So, I started my debaucherous trip in Hong Kong. There was a cocaine fueled orgy in a Prince’s suite at the Ritz Carlton the night I landed. I was, of course, the main attraction teaching all the little Asian sluts how to properly take dick! I have so much fun with dick on my own but sometimes it’s even better to watch a new young slut learn how to be a proper whore. Eager students were aplenty that night, ready to learn from my treasure trove of knowledge. There was also the pool party at a Bollywood actor’s home.

Bruno had been a client for years and with him sex work never feels like work. He loves to watch me play with other ladies and his friend Mae licks my cunt better than anyone else. She takes her work seriously, diligently playing with my clit and doing whatever it takes to get me off. Yep, Bruno loves watching women receiving pleasure. He is one of the only men in memory that truly prized a woman’s power. As fun as these nights were, the last night was maybe the most intense of all, when I played in the Kitty Kat Dungeon!

Stay tuned for part II of my sex slave trafficking story and call me at 1-888-413-5974 for the most imaginative, dirtiest phone sex!

French Whore Carmen