My Provocative Adult Sex Stories at the Airport Lounge

Time to pack my bags and lots of condoms! This sultry French gal is leaving for France in 3 days!

Adult sex stories become plentiful when I travel. In fact traveling itself turns me on. I never fail to meet a handsome stranger at the airport. If he’s married, he ends up joining the realm of men who belong to my hundreds of cheating sex stories.

In all of my travel adult sex stories, I fuck at least twice BEFORE I cross the Atlantic ocean.

That’s why I actually don’t mind layovers so much. My travel adult sex stories usually start at a bar or at an airport lounge. Lounges are better: once you start sipping on cocktails, you can always escape in one of the showers, dressing rooms or one of those large cushioned rest areas with dozens of sofas and pillows.

The best part about “travel fucking”? You don’t need to worry about seeing that person EVER again. An hour later, they’re off to another city, another country, or another galaxy for all I fucking care.

Here’s a great example of what I mean.

Last year I met an attractive business man during a layover in New York. Tall, muscular, blonde hair, blue eyes – he pretty much looked like he’d walked straight out of an Armani ad.

As soon as I sat at the bar, I knew he was mine, despite the flourish of other women of all ages eyeing him from across the room. I threw him a glance and he walked towards me with a confident stride, martini in hand.

It didn’t take me long to grab him by his tie and take him into a dressing room where I feverishly ripped off his shirt and took off his pants.

He was hard as fuck.

I threw myself on him, needing to feel his cock enter my dribbling wet cunt as I pushed my firm glorious large tits in his face. Mmmmmm.

I could tell he wouldn’t last long, so I wrapped my lips around his dick, ready to satisfy my cum fetish and hungry for a delicious cum eating session, and ready to suck every bit of jizz out of there.

The truth? Sure, our clandestine fuck session was raunchy, wet, dirty and HOT… But what I enjoyed the most was my shopping spree in Paris two days later, courtesy of his American Express.

Call me for deliciously naughty phone sex porn…!

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adult sex stories