Teen Forced Prostitution: One Crazy, Dirty Night in Bangkok, Part II

Teen Forced Prostitution – Time to continue last week’s Bangkok tales of sex slave trafficking!

The Kitty Kat Dungeon in Hong Kong was billed as the place where the most playful kitties play. It was pretty much the club where debauchery was currency. Inhibitions were left at the door and every fantasy one could dream of was a reality. Therefore it was pretty much the perfect place for teen forced prostitution. Keep reading if this has perked up your attention, or if you happen to have a teen porn addiction.

The Fuzzy Room was notorious for its life changing abilities. Every wall the floor and the ceiling were clad in fuzzy pink shag carpeting. The carpeting was a necessary surface, because you see, all of the girls were attached to it with fuzzy pink handcuffs.

These playmates were the best that teen forced prostitution had to offer.

Tiny Chinese & Vietnamese girls, barely eighteen, with tight bodies and platinum blonde hair were blindfolded. Feathers, riding crops, anal beads, vibrators and dildos most importantly the toy chest inside the Fuzzy Room was almost more exciting than the room itself!

But that only the beginning of my teen forced prostitution nigh. Right next door, The Supreme Lady Boy’s Show Lounge, was this incredible room where Asian ladyboys hosted a full-on fuck fest on a series of stages. Domination, fisting, sissy play most importantly nothing was off limits in the show lounge! I loved watching this chubby little American fuck pig being completely dominated by Mistress D’lite. She was clad in head to toe with vinyl, having her way with the submissive fuck slave. That, and she was letting guests, me included, come to the stage to have their way with him. Mistress D’lite shoved a rubber fist up the little slut’s ass while I pissed in his mouth.

Needless to say, the weekend was intense. I decided it was time to leave Hong Kong and my way over to Thailand.

I used the whole flight over there to attempt to sleep and get ready for some self-care. As I sat at the Lily Spa in the heart of Bangkok, I exhaled any tension that remained within me. Four Asian girls worked on my body and rubbed on parts I didn’t know needed release.

“Do you want more for five dollars?” the small Thai girl said. She was in the midst of giving me a pedicure, besides that for some reason sounded a bit nervous.

More for five dollars? She looked over her shoulder, and that’s when the words ‘teen forced prostitution’ rang inside my ears.

I wasn’t against that at all, so I nodded at her as she began to rub my smooth calves with her tiny fingers. Pretty quickly, she started moving up my robe each time she touched me. Then I felt her two associates behind me slip their hands inside my robe. They worked their way toward my nipples as I breathed more heavily. My nipples became more and more erect as they rubbed and gently pinched them.

Therefore, nothing compared to the way I shivered when the small girl in front of me opened my robe and used her hands to spread my legs. My thighs shook as her hot breath ran up either side, then her tongue took over. She lapped at my sexy cunt diving into deeper, using her finger to open it up gaping me enough that her tongue fit inside. The other two didn’t waste any time joining her. One began to suckle my nipple as the other one used her hot little Thai mouth to suck on my clit.

If this was teen forced prostitution, then I was all for it!

I could barely take much more I felt my back begin to arch, my toes curled and then I cried out a guttural, exasperated yell as I came. I squirted all over the little Thai slut in front of me. As I relaxed back into my chair, I looked at her and said, “Come here you little fuck thing, you like Miss Carmen”?

The look on her face was priceless. Suddenly, she grinned, and it dawned on me that in truth, she enjoyed “forced” teen prostitution.

“Yes, Mistress Carmen,” she answered in broken English.

“Do you want to come home with me and service me all the time?” I asked and her eyes were bright as she smiled.

“Ming is your slave! Take me! I make lady very happy each day!”, the girl said to me. Looks like I’d need to find the owner and negotiate a price from his forced teen prostitution business.

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