Crazy Sex Stories: Seduced by the French Foreign Exchange Student, Part V

Crazy sex stories – yes, these rank ridiculously high on my list of erotic literature porn! Something about doing something forbidden on the highest XXX level is enough to make me squirt in my little panties. So I guess it’s time to carry on with my French exchange student dirty sex stories from earlier this week! Time for part V.

After fucking myself with a dildo molded out of Paul’s cock, I went ahead and ordered the sexiest, naughtiest French Maid uniform from Frederick’s of Hollywood that I could find. I figured it was time to make Paul’s college girl fetish cum true but with a nice kinky French twist, which, as you might recall from my previous kinky sex stories, is one of my specialties.

Naturally, before setting my plan in motion, I knew I’d have to wait until Paul’s dried up wife wasn’t expected to be home. (The sad part was that Paul’s wife actually would’ve been pretty if she actually stopped scowling and smiled once in a while. But the way she carried herself made it seem like she had MORE than one stick lodged waaaaay up her ass).

His wife was out of town on business for the week so I knew it was the best time to carry out my cheating dirty stories plan!

Right after class I came home in the early evening, made some martinis, and got ready. Who can resist horny college girls in a French maid outfit? The answer is NO ONE.

Sure enough, when Paul came home from work, I was standing at the door, breasts pouring out of my corset, stockings over my smooth, creamy legs and carrying a tray with a bottle of champagne.

The look on his face was priceless.

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