He Was Really Into Sex Slave Stories

This new man I’ve been seeing is kind of dominant and I like it. He’s had me do all kinds of role play things and act out fantasies with him. I like being submissive at times, so when he suggested I be submissive for an entire weekend. I had my doubts I could keep it up that long, but was game to try. He was really into reading sex slave sex stories online on Dana has hot sex slave storieserotic short stories sites. So he wanted me to play the sex slave for him. He’d even bought me a few cute outfits and lingerie that fit in with the entire weekend.

He Called Me Kitten And Placed A Bowl Of Cream In Front Of Me

For several hours he had a collar on me. And I had to walk about on my hands and knees and beg for attention, like a love starved kitten. And he actually called me kitten and placed a bowl of cream in front of me he wanted to watch me drink from. I was bent over lapping it up and then he said he was going to give me a different kind of cream. And I immediately was grabbed by my hair and my neck wrenched back and his hard cock down my throat, which I love.

He Tied Me Up and Blindfolded Me And Teased My Pussy

He was really fucking me and I was gagging on his shaft as he slid it in and out of my mouth. And I could feel myself growing wet at being treated like his personal little slut. Many sex slave sex stories between Master and submissive can be rough or degrading. But he never pushed me further than I wanted to go, but I like to go pretty far, so it wasn’t an issue. He lifted me up and pulled me into the bedroom and laid me on the bed. He proceeded to tie my ankles and wrists to the bedposts so I was spread eagle and couldn’t move. I then was blindfolded and my pussy teased.

He Was Using A Magic Wand On Me And I Was Going Wild

I was brought to the very brink of orgasm several times and was begging to be allowed to cum. He spread open my pussy lips and I felt a tremendous vibration on them and was aware of the buzzing. He was using one of those large Hitachi magic wand things on me and I was going wild. As soon as I’d be nearly cumming, he’d remove it for a few min. This went on for a long time until he told me to beg for it, and beg I did. And he laid it back on me and I finally came in a gush, making a puddle of my juices on the sheets underneath me.

It Was A Wild Experience

I was gasping for breath after I came so violently my body was literally shaking. It took me moments to calm down. I had been very used by him, and I loved it. I was so relaxed after cumming so hard, it was an amazing experience from start to finish. The costumes he’d bought me were cute, and the orgasms were fantastic. I hope we can do another special weekend like this very soon.