We Love To Have Rough Sex And He’s The Jealous Type

My current boyfriend is a bit of an odd combination. We love to have rough sex and he’s the jealous type. So it surprised me when he said he enjoyed hearing about my promiscuous past. Since most guys that are the jealous type do not wish to hear anything about your past sexual encounters I’ve found, but he does. I was upfront that I’d had a lot of partners and a

rough sex with Dana is hot

lot of sex before I met him. And he said bad girls like me deserve a good spanking, which I have to admit, I really liked. He grabbed me from the throat and used a flogger on my ass and he wasn’t gentle in the slightest. He always makes me cum so hard when he calls me a little slut or a whore and wants details about my past encounters.

I Met My Ex And Had Hot Sex


I knew he wouldn’t like it, but I got an email from an ex boyfriend that he would be in town. And even though we were no longer together, the sex with him was always off the charts good. He liked rough sex as well, and I always came so many times when we’d fuck. I agreed to go meet him at his hotel and I wore a really slutty outfit that left nothing to the imagination. As usual, we had fantastic sex and I came multiple times. I went back home and my boyfriend was waiting for me.

He Asked If I Had Been Out Getting Fucked

He could tell from my outfit and my messed up appearance I’d been fucked. My makeup was smeared, my hair a mess, clothes pulled this way and that. He raked his eyes up and down my disheveled self and asked if I’d been out fucking. I slowly nodded my head and he came over to me. He smelled me and said he could smell the sex on me and he placed his hand between my thighs. And He ran his fingers through my pussy lips, I hadn’t even worn panties. He found my cunt sopping wet.

He told me to get on my knees. I did, and he whipped out his cock and slapped me across the face with it. And I stuck my tongue out to get it as it flew by my mouth and he finally popped it in. And I sucked hungrily on it and he was calling me a good little whore and how I still had the cum of another man dripping out of my cunt.

His Cum Was Dripping Out Of Me

He pulled me up and bent me over. He pulled my short, tight dress up around my hips and he spanked my ass. And then rammed his dick into my already cum filled pussy for some sloppy seconds as he called me his cum drenched whore. I had that cock plunging in and out of me so fast. An orgasm was upon me in no time, and I then had his cum dripping out of me as well. He said I’d been sufficiently used for one evening. And he told me to go have a shower and clean myself up. I did feel like a used whore as the hot water coursed over my body. But I had a big grin that spread from ear to ear about my night of lust and rough sex with two different men.

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