My male roommate is a very good looking guy, but I figured it would keep things more simple if I told him just friends, no sex. It can just get too complicated otherwise. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun to tease him though! Coming out of the bathroom after my shower and oops, there goes my towel! Or bending over at the fridge and wearing a short skirt and oh, did I forget to put my panties on again? LOL…I Love doing stuff like this. I knew it drove him crazy and many times after doing little things like this, he’d go right to his room and of course I knew why. He was turned on by my little “accidents” and was going in there to masturbate.

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This kind of thing went on for several months and I’d always act as innocent as can be. Forgetting to totally close the bathroom door as I shaved my pussy, leaving my bedroom door a bit open at night when I’d masturbate before bed and I knew he could hear me moaning in there. God, I was really shameless some of the stuff I did. Well one night it was me that got the shock.

I was so horny, I hadn’t had time to masturbate properly in a few days, and I hate a quickie, so I’d rather wait until I have the time to cum a few times and really have a good session. I was so busy that week and so horny I really hadn’t left the door half open with the normal intention of teasing that I do, I really just forgot, I was kind of sleepy but finally had the time I needed to indulge myself and was laying there in bed, the sheets tossed off of me, feet on the bed, knees up, just rubbing my clit up and down, eyes closed, not even thinking of anything other than what I was doing, and I then saw a sliver of light out of the corner of my eye in my doorway from the hall and I looked over and he was standing there in the door frame. I could see his silhouette, as the light was behind him. I could also see his erect cock standing at attention.

I stopped what I was doing and said I forgot to close my door and I heard him say under his breath, “Ya, right.” He walked in and approached the bed and whispered he was sick of all the half closed doors and forgotten panties and all the rest of it and he was going to give me what I so obviously wanted once and for all. I was shocked and didn’t even have time to respond as he got on the bed and flipped me over on all fours. I said I didn’t want this and to get out an he didn’t stop, he said he knew I wanted this and he was going to give it to me. I was on my hands and knees in the dark and felt my tits being grabbed roughly and then his cock in one thrust was fucking my cunt from behind.

It went in easily since I’d been masturbating and was already very wet and slick. His cock glided in and out and I’d been quite close to cumming when he came to the door. He pulled me close to him and fucked me and fucked me, the whole bed was shaking and even though I wanted him to stop, as I’d been so close to cumming already, it didn’t take long before I was cumming on his cock and clenching my cunt muscles around that girthy dick of his. He then shot his load inside of me until it trickled down my leg and into a puddle on my sheets. I’d cum so hard, and he knew it as he laughed and called me a slut before he walked back out of the room.  All I  could do is smile to myself and plan my next tease attack . Give me a call and I can tell you how I continue to tease my room mate every chance I get !

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