My favorite brother got this new girlfriend

My favorite brother got this new girlfriend a few months ago. She is very pretty and fun, but can be a bit of a brat. I soon started to think of ways I could punish her for her naughty, selfish ways.  And I was really only into guys, so this odd train of thought was unexpected to be sure. I then was masturbating one night when she popped into my head. As my personal sex slave. Hell, I could even make her a regular maid as well while I’m at it. She just has this snooty way about her that makes me want to put her in her place.

She’d Be Good Little Sex Slave

I can so easily visualize putting a dog collar on her and leading her around on all fours. I’d have her begging to be let out of it. The only way I’d unleash her would be if she did a good job licking my pussy. I was rubbing my cunt imagining her sliding her tongue all over my wet pussy. Sucking my inner lips into her mouth and then working over my clit. She’d be a good little sex slave and pussy licker. I might even make her take my strap on. Right up that dainty little pussy of hers my brother mentioned was so tight. She was shocked when I came in wearing a harness and nine inch dildo attached. I told her to get on all fours and take it and she had no choice but to do so. She certainly came though, against her will or not.

Again driving me over the edge to orgasm with her willing mouth

She had been complaining how her mom makes her do housework. I snickered and thought I’d have you on your hands and knees scrubbing that floor. Looking up at me asking me to stop. The only way you would be able to stop is if you make me cum with your mouth. She caresses my legs, making her way up them. Again driving me over the edge to orgasm with her willing mouth. She says being my sex slave on demand is humiliating, but she likes the sense of humiliation. It makes her wet. I laugh at her and tell her to get back to cleaning. What a sexy submissive!

She’d be my pussy licker on demand

I make her do things like give me pedicures, shave my legs and my pussy. She’s always on demand for menial tasks of any description from tending my feet to scrubbing the toilet. She has no say or she will be locked into a large dog cage overnight if she gets out of line. That happened once and she was never disrespectful again towards me.

If that girl had any idea the things I thought about when I see her come over with my brother. She’d run for the hills. I certainly won’t be telling her of my fantasies about dominating her like some kind of lesbian dominatrix. They are fun to imagine though. She’d be my pussy licker on demand. The sex slave that would have to serve my every need. I’d soon break her will and maker compliant to my demands. If only she knew the things I thought.When you want the best phone sex call Gisele.

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