My New Client Was A Very Sexy Submissive

My boss at the dominatrix dungeon told me she had a new client for me. And would I be ok to take them, that it was a female, a sexy submissive client. I was a bit taken aback as I’d never had a female before, but was certainly willing to do my best with it. She wanted to be whipped and spanked quite harshly. I would give her a sound lashing if that’s what she wanted. I walked in the room and she was already waiting there undressed.She was waiting for me to tie her up so her arms would be spread and held up.Gisele has a sexy submissive

She was very pretty, yet craved abuse. I felt a tingle go up my spine as I approached her and she looked up at me with such solemn eyes. And  I asked her if she sought to be whipped and she nodded. I circled her and used the cat o nine tails across her back and ass .And she made whimpering sounds, like the sexy submissive that she is. I had not intended for this to be anything more than a session with a client. But there was something about this girl, she begged to lick my pussy. I said I couldn’t do that but she begged me.

She Begged For Me To Let Her Lick My Pussy

I felt myself getting wet as she begged and pleaded, I’d never felt this way with a woman begging. But then I’d never been begged by a woman, either. After I smacked her soundly a few times with the flogger, she again begged me. I could see the juices starting to drip down the insides of her thighs.

I untied the sexy submissive girl and she knelt on the floor. And I walked over to her and she asked once more if she could lick me. I nodded yes, and she lifted up my short skirt and pulled down my skimpy panties. And she held my cunt lips open on either side with her thumbs exposing my stiffened and wet clit. She buried her face between my thighs and I could feel that warm, wet tongue on my pussy. She concentrated on the clit and quickly moved her tongue all over it.

I Was Feeling Weak In My Knees

I grabbed onto a nearby table for support to lean on, since I was feeling a bit weak in the knees. But this girl knew her way around a pussy, this was not her first time doing this. I was soon panting as she quickly drove me wild with her tongue. And I was trying not to collapse with pleasure as she licked me up and over the edge of orgasm.

My juices wetting her smiling face from ear to ear and she continued to lick me through my orgasm.She was slowing down as I caught my breath. She then bent over in front of me and grabbed her ankles. And told me to whip her ass a few more times for being such a little slut. I did and made them hard ones. The smacks echoed throughout the room and then I left her to get dressed. I had never had such an encounter with a client before, it was a memorable one for sure.

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