Let’s talk about sex!

I love it. Who doesn’t? I am going to admit to you my little secret. I have a sexual addiction. This addiction isn’t about constantly having sex, even though I love it every day. This addiction is about having multiple sex buddies. Every guy I look at, my mind automatically thinks about his hard throbbing cock and what I would do to it. This problem has caused numerous problems in my relationships.

It has even caused some relationships to not continue.

One time, in particular, I was having a girls night out with a few of my besties at a bar. A few tables away was a group of hot sexy men. Realizing that my bffs were kind of boring I went up to the guys and asked them what they were up to. They were at a bachelor party. I was introduced to the groom, Don. Don was pretty well drunk by this time. Explaining to me that they had a party bus and it had more alcohol in it and a stripper pole. He didn’t want the stripper pole to go to waste so he asked me to go inside and at least do one dance on it.

How could I say no to that?

I did a little spin around the pole for him. While I was dancing I saw his cock getting harder in his jeans. His hand slid inside his pants and that was my cue to kneel down between his legs and undo his pants. never stopping me he let me begin to start sucking on his already hard cock. Feeling it getting bigger and bigger in my mouth I could taste his pre-cum.

Whispering that he wants to bend me over and fuck me.

I leaned over the seat and he got on his knees behind me and rammed the cock in my pussy. Begging him to fuck me harder and fill me with his cum the driver walked in. He looked at him and told him that my mouth was phenomenal. Before I knew it the driver had his pants down and his cock in my mouth as Don was fucking me doggy style.

Before that night ended I fucked the whole bachelor party.

I will have to say that I think that night was a record-breaking night as far as sex was concerned. The best was the future fantasy sex stories that were created in the bathroom. You can read any of my other cheating sex stories on my blog page. Ask me how you can receive phone sex for free.

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