Celebrity sex tapes are all over the internet.

You cant turn on your computer without hearing about some famous person and how they made a celebrity sex tape and then, of course, it gets leaked. Celebrity sex tapes have been known to make unknown people famous. They have also been known to destroy the famous,

Celebrity Sex Tape. Marriages have been broken, families have been split up, and lives have been ruined.

All because of these tapes. When I snuck backstage at the Kid Rock concert I was so excited to finally see him. He didn’t really seem shocked that I snuck back there. Explaining that I had to meet him and It would be amazing if I got a hug from him. He was so sweet after he hugged me he invited me to sit on the couch. We talked about Torch Lake and the sandbar that we spent our summers at. Him being 12 years older than me he would have never noticed me.

Tonight was different though.

He kept staring at my boobs. Handing him a sharpie and asking him to autograph them as I exposed it. Taking my boob in his had he did that. Then he leaned over and began to suck my nipples. I felt a surge of sensation flow through my body. working his way down my body his tongue reached my belly button I felt this fingers unbutton my jeans. He looked up into my eyes and informed me that everything in the room was recorded, he wanted to make sure I was ok with that.

At this point, I didn’t care.

I was about to fuck Kid Rock. His tongue was all over my body and felt amazing. There was no second thought about being on a celebrity sex tape as he bends me over and stuck that gorgeous hard cock in my wet pussy. His forward motion met my backward motion his pelvic bone was slapping into my ass and I could feel it jiggling. His cock was fucking my pussy like he owned it.

Not being able to control myself I was about to cum.

This is the moment when I heard him say “wake up” as I felt his hand on my shoulder. Opening my eyes I realized I was not backstage at the Kid Rock concert nor was I going to be in a celebrity sex take with him. I was in my boyfriend’s bed. He woke me up and wanted to know what I was dreaming about. This could have been one of my crazy sex stories but unfortunately, it was only a dream.

Do you have any crazy sex stories or crazy sex dreams?

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