Sex robot technology with this advancing world is the next best thing.

Sex robot technology is for people of the world now. Why do you ask? Because everyone is mainly on the go. With the hustle of this chaotic world of today, we need to enjoy our pleasurable release whenever we can. It should be super obvious that people would want to be pleasured but people tend to cut themselves off from what they crave.

What is it that most if not every person crave? Well Sex, duh! Whether its is in the oral form or penetrating it is something to be enjoyed vastly. The advances in sex robot technology will give anyone interested n it the realist feel and familiarity of the actual thing.

Imagine not having to go through the normal protocols of actually having to get to know someone just to have sex? Keep in mind that you can never really be sure of how another person feels and sex is a massive emotion experience that may create an experience that you aren’t ready for. I love all kinds of sex but it sad to even think of the people that you fuck really good and they go bat shit crazy from how hard you make their body shiver.

Sex robot technology is great for long-distance relationships.

The thought behind this theory is that, within a long-distance relationship, is that the other person will know that their partner isn’t having sex with other “people”. You’ll have the pleasure that would’ve been void because of the distance. The strange part is when you think about the possibilities of the “stand-in” sexual partner.

Not only will the robot from the advancement of the sex robot technology but will be able to perform beyond the typical sexual pleasures. Being able to eat that cat and have a climactic ending is to name a few. That’s something to keep in mind when thinking about a stand-in sexual partner.

Now let’s talk about sex robot technology as it pertains to phone sex.

Who doesn’t love phone sex? With the right operator like myself, You get to dive right into your perfect fantasy. This always results with you have the best climatic outcome. You have the best phone sex operator at your fingertips at any moment that you want her. Indulging in this delight may fall in the NSFW category but how can you help yourself. The way that sex robot technology is is that you can have a sexbot with you anywhere to enjoy. At work, you’ll need a bot kitty that will get moist and squeeze your meat or a sexbot cock that grows while it pumps. Both will perfectly fit in your suitcase or purse.

Now let’s get to sex robot technology for your home.

Think about Alexa but in human form. This means that your robot sex toys will be lifelike and take commands so well. I’m the type of woman that loves having sex and calling out commands. Harder….faster….grind….spank me….choke me…..pull my hair, I think you all get the point. For a girl, it has a growing cock that squirts and a mouth that works and wells as some hand action. FYI every woman loves to get felt up.

Sex robot technology is so advance that we will be able to have our tits pinched perfectly while sliding that perfect cock in between our kitty lips. As for the men, sex robot technology will give you the pleasure of being able to repeatedly let you deflower that kitty or make it as tight or as loose as you want to. OMG, I forgot to mention it has the ability to have vocal capabilities. But unlike Siri, it will know every dirty sexual thing you love.

You’re wondering, aren’t you?

You have a little cock and you want your sweet significant other get stretched then this sex robot technology is for you. You watch and serve without any limitation and to take it a little further. Get the cum that taste like the real thing to fill it up. Can’t forget to mention that you can go as big as you want to with the cock size. For the nymphomaniacs, this is a necessity.

sex robot technology

Set it to start pounding you while you still sleep so that your way up in the best way. Ride the cock all day long but us nymphos can’t forget about cleaning our juices off of that amazing cock. Do the whole tantric book, makeup positions, perfect sucking the cuck, college girl anal fun, dry humping, kitty play. JUST GO WILD!! Check out my SoundCloud for some fun as well.