There are plenty of sex positions I enjoy, you know.

Dear Perverts! You’ve asked and I always answer. “What’s your favorite positions?” Well, the benefits of different sex positions vary from visual to physical stimulation and sometimes, when you’re really lucky, both…but that depends on who you’re fucking.


My favorite sex positions come in two categories, however.


First, obviously, the ones that feel amazing. Now, everyone is different with this one. I love prone, not every girl does. I love all sex positions where the guy is behind me because I love having my ass played with, spanked, and fingered while I’m getting fucked. Selfish little me.


Second, doubly obvious, are the sex positions that look hot. I should stress that I’m not just talking about myself being the hot one. No, of course being able to look at the way you’re fucking me just heightens the experience. But you know…this comes with a little bit of self-awareness I guess. You have to know your sexy parts. Sometimes it’s really subtle, it’s an energy…or the faces you make, so don’t hide that mug!

Most men love “doggy style”.


Why we haven’t come up with a better name for this delicious sex position than “from behind”, I don’t know. I love it too, for reasons I just mentioned. I did discover, however, that a lot of you pervs have wives and girlfriends who find this position…degrading and impersonal? Clearly, they’re missing all the benefits. They probably also don’t like sucking cock, either. It’s just all too degrading and impolite, they just want to “make love” while you look deep into their eyes and tell them how beautiful they are. Snore…but whatever, that’s between you two.


This is what’s between us. Hot, kinky sex and all sex positions allowed. Yum. This is not an ad, this is your mistress telling it like it is. I love great sex and I’m greedy and I’ll have it anyway, anytime I want with whatever tricks or toys I have available…and I think you should have the same if you’re so inclined.


And if you’re reading this, you probably are so inclined. Maybe your cock is feeling a bit inclined as well.


Ring me up for the naughtiest fun you’ll have all week. Hot phone sex is just our little (or big) secret….So you tell me – what are your favorite sex positions?