Anal Sex My Favorite Sex!!!

Dear Perverts, have you noticed a lack of anal sex blogs? I just did. I guess I take anal sex as such a given that I forget to talk about it. But isn’t it so incredibly erotic?


In real life, a lot of men have said to me, “well, it’s not the same for women”


As if anal sex it’s a boy’s club just because you have a prostate! You have been under the impression that the asshole isn’t a true erogenous zone for women this entire time, and yet you crave it for the tightness? You realize that’s insane, no? Remember when anal was porn’s favorite word in the 90s? Only sluts “do anal”…doing anal. That’s not what I call it when I fuck your ass, I don’t say you’re “doing anal”. Women don’t “do” anal, pervs. The ass is truly an erotic, fun place for us to play.

It’s a rite of passage when a guy will lick my asshole without me asking for it.

It’s a sign of things to come. If he isn’t afraid to do it, he’s a keeper (at least for the time being). If he won’t do it or is shy, well…I don’t know…It just really bothers me when a guy won’t eat my ass. Is my entire body not delicious? A man who doesn’t consider the ass is generally not my kind of guy…thankfully I don’t have that problem with ANY of my yummy pervs. Don’t you feel the same?

I guess I’ll never know what it feels like for a man, maybe it is better…

But if you’re cumming harder than I do from anal sex, I’d be concerned. I’ve had orgasms so intense that I thought I had brain damage afterward. Last night, in fact. Nothing compares to an anal-clitoral yoga pants orgasm. Well, maybe that’s not true. 


Would you like to play? Let’s be sickening. All those squares in your office don’t know what they’re missing and you know what? That’s not our problem, is it?


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