I am the epitome of kinky. So, after watching some television church shows, I will go to a church and fuck a minister. Imagine my surprise when he is a sex-machine pastor!

When I get to the church, everyone is so welcoming and inviting. It is my first Sunday attending. Of course, I am wearing a skimpy dress and sexy heels. In fact, a few of the church ladies are giving me looks.

It isn’t a huge church. Indeed, I didn’t want one of those giant churches that are televised. And, I chose one that is a few towns away from home, so I don’t know anyone.

Who knew it was going to have a sex-machine pastor?

Everyone is getting a seat, and I sit towards the back. The choir is awesome, even though I am not a religious person. Then, out walks this handsome guy. He strolls to the pulpit with so much confidence.

My young tight pussy is immediately tingling. It would seem this is the church minister. And, I am super ready to see how I can seduce him.

Although, I am going to be happily surprised by this sex-machine pastor. Of course, I don’t know this fact as I sit in the pew watching him give Sunday service.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I am a participating church member.

With the minister, I am still moving slow. As a church member, I am participating. His wife is lovely and so nice. The other members are fun too. It really doesn’t matter.

My goal is to lay their minister. The only reason I fit in is to bide my time in getting him to myself. It turns out he does one on one sessions with new members.

In fact, most of the members he is conferencing with are females. It seems he’s giving them “special” attention. Their sex-machine pastor is definitely giving “it” to the sexy church ladies.

Moving along another week, and it is time to use my charm on the sex-machine pastor!

He and I are having our first one on one session. Therefore, I am wearing one of my tiniest dresses and some sexy thigh-high stockings. Mr. Minister is struggling to focus on the conversation.

Which is the point! I am focusing on a touchdown today. I plan on rocking this man’s cock. In fact, he will be struggling to keep his happy voice inside during our fun.

Not only that, I am going to show their sex-machine pastor how much better I am than his wifey and the other church ladies. It seems he can’t say no to a pretty face.

It is time I show him how good “real” sex can be!

As we are talking, I am sliding closer to him. My hand lands on his thigh. He isn’t even reacting yet. Of course, I want to shock him, and I drop down between his legs.

Wasting no time, I open his pants and pull out his cock. He is growing hard as I start licking and teasing him. I go to work sucking his dick, and this sex-machine pastor is moaning immediately.

Then, he pulls me up, bends me over, slides my panties to the side, and shoves that big rod deep into my pussy. Damn, I was not expecting that! This man has serious moves!

He has my pussy creamy and leaking all around that big meat stick.

From there, he is pushing my dress up and having me sit down and ride him. And, he is working with me. This mother fucker is one hell of a lover! I cum not once but twice in no time!

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