If you are a fan or reader of my blogs, you may know about my kinky boss. Well, he is now paying me to be his living sex doll fantasy. Of course, that means we are actually going to have sex now.

With the current job, his touching is minimal. And, of course, he pays me extra for every touch. I see him on the computer all the time searching for sex dolls and finally ask why he is searching for them.

It turns out, his fear of being hurt by women is what keeps him single. It is also the reason for my kinky gig with him. Which, by the way, I love. I do odd jobs around the house and run errands and get some touching from him.

Although, now, I am going to do this living sex doll fantasy for him.

They cost a lot of money if you want all the “real feel” features added in for your purchase. After some discussion and explanation, I am just his employee, not a girlfriend; he is open to the doll idea.

He has had this fantasy for years. After his wife broke his heart, he knew he wouldn’t be able to remarry or commit again. That was some time ago, and the only thing available were blow-up dolls.

Not these real-like things you can buy now. Of course, seeing how much they cost, he is definitely not a fan. Additionally, I was telling him, I am a real human without an emotional connection. Perfect for this living sex doll fantasy.

That is when he started coming around to the idea.

I wasn’t planning on charging him for it. He pays me so well for this current gig. However, he suggested he pay me just like he does for this gig, making it even less person and more a business transaction.

Who am I to argue with the guy paying me money? So, I am researching all the sex dolls that are available so I can have the look and feel of them. I want to mimic them.

That way, his living sex doll fantasy will feel authentic and help him have the release he so badly needs. I have no idea the last time my boss had real sex with a human.

He is in for a treat with me as his living sexy doll fantasy!

I have so many skills to give him the best sex of his life. Of course, I don’t want to scare him or go too freaky on him. We will just wing it as things progress. Tomorrow night is our night to do it.

I even found a mask that makes my face look like a fake doll. Furthermore adding to the impersonal feel for him. The night starts with us in his bedroom. I am wearing some simple lingerie.

He is so nervous. I am standing by the bed, stationary. His living sex doll fantasy is waiting to be started. He comes over and pretends to turn me on. I open my eyes and look at him.

“Hello, Daniel,” I say in a mechanical voice, “Are you ready to play with me now?”

He smiles, looking at me, and says, “Yes, I am.” I stiffly put my arms on his shoulders, and he leans in for a kiss. He moves his hand up to cup and squeeze my breasts.

“Mmmmm…that feels good, Daniel,” I say to him. Then, he commands me to get into bed. I do as I am told, laying flat on my back. He gets in the bed and starts kissing and playing with my body.

He is enjoying this living sex doll fantasy a great deal. So am I. He goes down and starts eating my pussy. So well that I cum. His cock is rock hard as he slides inside me.

It is going to be a fantastic night for us! Curious to know all that happened, call me for some fetish phone sex!

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