I have to be honest with you, fucking the pastor is a ton of fun! That man has more moves than most men I am meeting and fucking lately. So, now, it is time and for seducing sex machine’s wife.

That is my nickname for the pastor. He is a love machine. Of course, a lot of the sex we have is at the church. And, I fucking love it! Hell, I became a member of the church to fuck him.

Indeed, it is working. He loves this tight young pussy so much; he is barely fucking his wife now. The thing is, she is smoking hot. So, I am going to work my magic on her too.

Seducing sex machine’s wife will get them the naughtiest threesome ever!

It is even better than just fucking him. My goal is to have the threesome at the front of the church, on the pulpit, where he preaches every Sunday. That way, each week, they will think of me.

Honestly, after a few more sessions, my ass is gone from the congregation. I am not a church girl in any way. Of course, I could start working my way through the men of the church!

Oh, maybe after seducing sex machine’s wife, I will start fucking all the church lady’s hubbies. Hahaha, that would be some hardcore violation of church rules and piss some folks off!

Hell, they might even try to burn me at the stake for that shit!

I am meeting with the pastor’s wife to discuss helping out on one of the committees she runs. We are meeting at her house. Luckily, he is at home too, and their kids are at school.

It is the perfect opportunity for me to fuck them both. As she and I are talking in the living room, he strolls through and stops to chat. I  leaned in and whisper how beautiful she was looking today in her ear.

At first, seducing sex machine’s wife looks like it may not work, but then I see her nipples getting hard. Game on, bitches! She is a bit nervous as I look into her eyes now.

I lean in and kiss her passionately; seducing sex machine’s wife is beginning.

She kisses me back with fervor as the preacher is standing there with his mouth wide open. Additionally, he is getting a boner. I look at both of them and tell them I have been fantasizing about making love to them both.

Of course, I do not mention that he and I are having an affair. Then, I say we have the house to ourselves. Can’t we take this opportunity to try this? They are both wanting it so bad.

Seducing sex machine’s wife is working as she wants it, and he is already a whore. However, she does not know that. All they needed was this nudge, and we were moving upstairs to their bedroom.

He is sitting in a chair as I start undressing and kissing her entire body.

She is a closet bi-sexual for sure! She is moaning loudly as I get her undressed and have her lay on the bed. I undress and get down to eat that sweet pussy. Which is shaved, by the way.

He is undressing and gets behind me to lick and play with my pussy for a bit. Then, as I am going down on her, he starts fucking me as seducing sex machine’s wife is a success.

She loves this and is screaming with pleasure. We all start to cum together. Of course, it is just our first climax! Curious to hear the rest?

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