My 15 year old stepson and I found ourselves alone for the weekend.  His dad was out of town, and his younger sister and older brother had plans with friends.  John had been goofing off at school and his grades were dropping so he was forbidden from having any fun that weekend.  

That Saturday night, I made myself some popcorn and grabbed a beer, sat in the living room and began binge watching some HBO series.  John was upstairs listening to music or playing video games or whatever he usually did when he was holed up in his room.  

At about 11 pm, he came downstairs.  “Hey, honey.”  I greeted him and went back to watching my show.  I assumed he came downstairs for a quick snack or a drink.  To my surprise, he sat next to me and watched TV with me for a little while.  When the show was over, I asked him if he wanted to watch something else.  He reached for the remote control and flipped the channels around until he got the adult channel.  It was just softcore stuff but it wasn’t appropriate for me to allow him to watch it, especially not with me so I told him to turn it off.  He watched for another few seconds before he turned it off.

“What compelled you to do that?  Don’t you know I’ll tell your dad?”  I said.  I was just bluffing, of course.

“I just like watching that stuff.  I watch after school when you’re not home.”  he said.

“For entertainment or educational purposes?” I asked.  

He laughed.  “Both, I guess.”

“Have you ever been with a girl?”  I asked.  

“You mean sexually? No, not sexually.  I’ve kissed a couple of girls.  One of them let me touch her under her panties but that’s it.” he replied.

My clit twitched when he told me about touching a bare pussy.  Lucky girl, I thought.  My stepson is exceptionally good looking and I’m sure that whichever girl let him touch her pussy was still masturbating daily to the memory of it.  

“I don’t want to be a dud… you know.  I want to be good when I finally get to do it.”  he looked at me.  “You know what I mean?”

“Yes, I do.  You’re right.  It is really important to be able to pleasure a woman.  It’s what keeps her coming back to you.”  I said.

“Yeah.” he agreed.  “I’ve been practising when I masturbate.  To last longer.  I’m lasting almost ten minutes now.”  he said proudly.

I chuckled.  “Okay, that’s a good start.”  I said.  “But it’s different when you’re actually having sex.  Maybe we should practice that together.”  I blurted that out before I could stop myself.  I really was just trying to be helpful.

His eyes widened and I thought for a minute that he was appalled by the idea of having sex with his stepmother.  Instead he said, “Can we really?  Now?”

“Well, yeah we can…” I stopped in mid-sentence because he had leaned over, grabbed my face and was kissing me wildly.  I felt a wave of pleasure go through my body as his tongue danced around in my mouth.  He slid his hands down to my breasts and squeezed them, caressing them and twisting my nipples around gently.  He pulled away from me to pull my t-shirt off.  I had no bra on.  He bent over and started to kiss and suck on my tits.   He pushed me down slowly until I was lying on my back.  He pushed my legs apart and slid my panties off of me.  He gently slid his finger up and down my clit and because my pussy was dripping wet, his finger slid right inside of me.  He pushed his finger in and out of me while he sucked on my tit and my body responded by writhing underneath him.  

He pulled his boxers off and got back on top of me, looking me in the eye as he slowly slid his cock into my pussy.  He moaned and I felt his cock throbbing wildly inside of me.  “Shit…. you’re right, it’s not the same as jerking off.” he whispered.  “I don’t want to move.”

“Just move in and out of me slowly.” I said.

He started to pull out and push in a couple of times then stopped again, burying his face into my neck and breathing hard.  “I’m so close already!” he said in dismay.  

“Just keep going, John.  Slowly and steadily.”  I encouraged.  After a minute, he began to fuck me again, slowly and very carefully.  After about half a minute, he just let go, pounded me wildly and yelled out as he orgasmed into my pussy.  He grunted and pushed inside of me, a few last hard thrusts until he just collapsed on top of me.

After a minute, he climbed off of me, looking pleased but also disappointed with himself.  

“That was about a minute and a half.  How pathetic.”  he shook his head.

“Don’t worry.  All it takes is practice.  We have all weekend.  And we can practice after school too.  Before you know it, you’ll be a pro!” I said encouragingly.

“You don’t think I’m a lost cause?” he asked hopefully.

“Don’t worry, John.  You’re in very good hands.”  I said as I put my hands on his cock, which was already starting to harden again.  Class was back in session!

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