Drinking and Driving don’t mix

So it was a Saturday night and I was horny in wanted sex. The bar was closing and I still hadn’t found anyone to have fun with yet. My pussy was wet and tingling. I knew soon I was going to have to find someone to go home with. As I hear the barmaid call “last call”. I called for my cab. Knowing I wasn’t going to find anyone to satisfy my needs.

When the cab arrived

There was a guy and a girl in it already. I just wanted to go home so I didn’t care. I jumped in because the quicker I got home the quicker I could get myself off. The cab ride was going to be 45 mins anyway. So I introduced myself to Carol and Mike. I noticed Carol was honry as well. She was rubbing all over Mikes Cock. Licking his neck and ear. Mike was responding as well. I could see his cock growing harder and harder. None of this was helping my wet pussy.

Carol was getting Naughty

Carol started to unzip Mike’s pants. I couldn’t believe they were just going to have sex in front of me. However, I was so horny I wanted it to happen. My Pussy was throbbing as I watch Carol pull out Mikes Hard rod. Teasing his mushroom head with her tongue and looking over at me. Engulfing his shaft down her throat. Working him in and out of her mouth. I couldn’t resist rubbing my wet pussy. Carol and Mike had me so wet. I had to do something.


Mike Noticed my fingers working in and out of me

As Carol worked his cock Mike reached over and kissed me. I was shocked at first, but then again, He was letting Carol suck his cock in front of me. I decided to go with it. My tongue intertwined with his. As he reached down and helped my fingers move inside of me. He was slowing working his way on top of me. Laying back in the cab. Carol glided Mikes Cock into my tight wet pussy. Mike was now giving me what I so desperately needed. Sex! Long slow strokes with his thick Rod. Every inch stretching my slut hole. I didn’t care I just met them, I didn’t care I didn’t know them. All I wanted is that cock fucking my wet cunt. I needed to cum and I need to cum hard.


Carol got off by watching

I cummed hard on Mikes cock.  Over and Over again. I needed this like I needed air. I could hear Carol cum as well when I was. However, I knew she was waiting for Mike’s big load. Mike got close and pulled out. I watched Carol enjoy every drop of my pussy juice on Mike’s cock. Mike’s cock still throbbing from fucking my tight pussy squirted deep into Carol’s throat. As we pulled up to my house. The Cab driver didn’t even charge me for the ride.

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