I Was Invited To A Sex Party

Lots of us have played some kind of sex games with a former boyfriend or fuck buddy. But recently I got involved in something I wasn’t expecting. I went to this sex party this woman I knew was having. But I didn’t know hersex games with juicy Gisele that well, but well enough I wanted to go and see what was going to happen. Well apparently one of the men there took quite a shine to me. And he wanted to fuck me the entire night. I liked him ok and we did have a good time. But when I got up to leave the party at the end of the night, he said not so fast You’re not going anywhere yet.

I was a bit shocked, I’d had a good time. But I wanted to leave and go home. He said he was only in town for the weekend and he’d decided I was going to be his whore. For the time he had left. He was staying at this house with the woman that threw the party. I went to go out the door and it was locked. I couldn’t get out and my purse with my phone in it was nowhere to be found either. He just laughed at me when he saw me looking a bit frantic.  And He was good looking and I did enjoy the things we’d done, but I’d had enough.

He Announced That I wasn’t Going Anywhere

He said he liked submissive women and he’d decided I was the best one he’d had in a while. So he told me not to worry, that I’d be fine. But I wasn’t going anywhere for the next couple of days. I’d be provided food, a room and bathroom, but I’d be a virtual sex slave until the weekend was over. I was speechless. I was however not deprived of orgasms. Yes, I sucked his cock and fucked him many times, but I was made to cum so much. I was nearly exhausted. And I was told to get down on the floor and open my mouth. I took his cock in my hand that was dangling before me. And I licked the head of it, hungrily.

I Had Loads Of Cum On My Body

At this point, I’d had so many orgasms, I wouldn’t have left had the door been open. I was utterly sexually satisfied. The sex games went on all weekend, I don’t know how he had the stamina, honestly. But my pussy had never taken so many loads of cum. He took me in the shower to wash the cum off our bodies. And while in there, I was lifted up and my back was against the wall. My legs wrapped around his waist and he plunged his dick into me again and again and again.

Until I was filled with his spunk yet again, as the water washed over us. I was breathless from his insatiable sexual appetite. I ate a good deal to keep my strength up from round after round of the fucking I was put through. When the weekend was over, I woke up in the bed, alone. And I noticed the door open and my purse on the floor beside the bed. I showered, got dressed and went home. It was the first time in nearly seventy two hours I’d had clothes on. I’d never played sex games like this before or since.

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