Ms. Harland wasn’t just his Sex Ed teacher, she was a goddess!

Dylan knew that things would never be the same as soon as she walked into the sex ed class that first day.  But he had no idea what her teaching style would be, or how it would change him and his friends forever!

At first, everyone was surprised by how incredibly hot Ms. Harland was, but then it was the way she talked about sex!  She would stand at her desk, talking about the pleasures of sexual release. No teacher had ever told them the truth about sex!  And the girls seemed just as interested as the guys, which caused a question – “Is it true that girls like sex as much as we do?”  Everyone giggled when Mason asked the question, but they all wondered.  The conversation turned a bit sexist about who liked sex more and then the bell rang.

Brittany?  Can you stay after for a few moments, with Jeff, Mason, and Dylan please?

The four of them looked at each other, hopefully as they watched the others leave the classroom.  Ms. Harland pushed her paperwork aside and pulled Brittany onto the desk, laying her down.  She took the hair-tie from her upswept blonde hair and let it fall loosely around her.  Then she began unbuttoning Brittany’s blouse, exposing perky, firm tits!  “It’s time you boys got a real crash course in Sex Ed!”  Slowly, she began offering her erect nipples to the eager lips of the boys around her, encouraging them to nip and bite them.  After a time, she lifted the girl’s skirt and gave a graphic lesson on female anatomy, including a few Latin phrases.  By the time she ‘dismissed’ them, the boys were drained dry and t Brittany was covered with cum.

 “Next time, you will be tested, using me! Don’t disappoint!

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