I never expected my friend Ash would be a sex doll lesbian.

But recently, I found out she was a sex doll lesbian when I went over to visit her house, and there were a few sex dolls out in the living room. 

Curious, I asked her about it. After all, I’d thought about having a sex doll brothel before and being used as a sex doll. However, having male sex dolls went out the window, as I realized I could own dildos for cheaper.

But female sex dolls for females? Really, I never thought of Ash as a sex doll lesbian. She laughed as she explained that sometimes, she happens to crave dolls; adult ones. In fact, she showed me a new outfit she’d put her latest doll in. Rather than be naked, she dressed the huge-breasted, blonde bombshell of a doll in a teddy doll and hip huggers.

Then, she lead me to her bedroom. On the bed was a gorgeous black-haired doll, dressed in jewels and red lingerie. The doll looked gorgeous, spread out and ready for Ash, the sex doll lesbian. And Ash glanced at me before taking off her clothes, intent on giving me a show. 


Ash and I are both dominant, so sometimes it is hard to find the perfect sub. By having a sex doll, Ash satisfied that itch for her. I watched her slap the doll, sending locks of hair flying into the air. She called the doll a little slut, pinching both of her nipples before biting them, ripping the teddy doll as she did. By being a sex doll lesbian, Ash allowed herself to be as mean as possible. There was no holding back.

After she finished biting each nipple, Ash roughly spread the doll’s legs apart. Next, she climbed the doll’s leg, thrusting her pussy against the artificial skin of the doll. “After a while, she feels wet, too,” my sex doll lesbian friend confessed. “She’s an incredible sex doll.” 

She continued rubbing their pussies together, giving me a show. She gave the doll one last, bruising kiss before she came. As she came, her body shook and she cried out the doll’s name. However, she was not yet done for the night.

The Double-Ended Dildo

 Before I could ask, Ash pulled out a double-ended dildo from underneath her doll. “She’s always prepared,” Ash joked to me. And then, Ash stuck one end inside her pussy, groaning as she did so. The blue dildo bobbed deviously from Ash, as if it knew exactly what the sex doll lesbian planned. 

Then, Ash shifted and gryrated her hips, lining the dildo up to her doll’s hole. Within a few moments, Ash penetrated inside her doll, slowly fucking it. Plus, the doll penetrated in return, whenever she bottomed out inside her doll.

I never thought about being a sex doll lesbian, but Ash made a very convincing argument! What do you think? 

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