I Knew He Was Watching Me Blow His Brother

Recently my boyfriend and myself when to visit his brother for the weekend. He has a lovely rural property and I wanted to see all it had to offer. We settled in the first night and as the house is old I learned. The doors on a lot of the rooms don’t catch when you think you’ve closed the doorknob. And they can slip open a crack. This happened when I was in the middle of giving my boyfriend a blow job. And I happened to look up and see his brother watching at the crack in the door. So I really put on a show of my cock sucking skills. I didn’t look him right in the eye to be obvious. But I knew he was watching us have sex from the hallway.Casey likes to be watched while having sex

It Turned Me On To Know He Was Watching Us Have Sex

I sucked and I slurped as I stroked my boyfriend’s shaft. And then took his balls in my mouth And suckled on them. It kind of turned me on we were being watched as we had sex. So I thought if we fucked doggy position, it would give his brother a better view of the action. So I got on all fours and my boyfriend plunged his hard cock into me. And really went to town on my pussy. The bed springs were squeaking. And I couldn’t see. But I bet his brother was stroking his cock the entire time as he watched my pussy getting fucked hard.

The Next Day  His Brother Couldn’t Take His Eyes Off My Cleavage

I could feel my cunt start to cum and I screamed in orgasm as I got shot full of cum. My boyfriend said to be quiet, as he didn’t want his brother to hear us. I smirked and thought to myself he’s already watching us have sex, never mind hearing us. He didn’t say anything the next day about having watched us have sex. But I could feel his eyes burning into me as I walked around.  And He leered down at my cleavage as I bent over the table getting coffee. He didn’t make a move, but I knew what he was thinking.

I did little things like that all weekend, and that last night, we fucked again,. And I knew he’d be positioned outside our door again, and this time I rode my boyfriends cock as we had sex, and he saw my tits bouncing up and down and my ass as I glided up and down his brother’s cock.

I’m Sure That Both Brothers Enjoyed The Weekend

I swear if I tried hard enough, I could hear him breathing heavy just outside the door that was open a crack. I rotated my hips in little circles as I ground my clit onto my boyfriend’s cock and came once more, and I knew he was watching. And I was totally free in my movements, not self conscious at all, I wanted to show off my skills. I flirted with him a bit the next day, and he said he enjoyed having us there over the weekend and would we like to come back in a couple of months. I immediately said yes, and wondered if that time maybe he and I might get to have some sex and not just have him watch me and his brother. Time will tell, I guess.

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