Sex and drugs lead to naughty sex

Our first week of college me and my best girlfriend were invited to a party. We walk in and there are sex and drugs all over the frat house. I hadn’t been much of drinker never done drugs but sex wasn’t new to me. We started by having a drink before a couple of frat guys approached us. They were very attractive. I’m still not even sure if it was the alcohol or if he was just that damn hot but I wanted to rip his clothes. And I did right there on spot. After finishing our first drink they brought us more this drink was something I had never tried before but I liked it. After the second drink my friend and her frat boy had disappeared so we started dancing. I had never felt so alive but that’s the alcohol running through my system.

His hands are sliding up my skirt as we dance I can feel him getting hard up against me my lips touch his and our hands are moving all over each others bodies. I love him touching I wanted more with each touch so went up to his room. We went got to his room we smoked a blunt and did a line right off each others body. He put the line right on his cock and put his line right on my ass cheek. I must say I had never felt so turned on, and so alive. A few minutes later another girl came in and he told me he wanted me to do things to her. But I could only do the things he told me to do her.

A fucking threesome in the frat house

He grabbed a bottle of tequila and poured some into her belly button I sucked it right out as he said. Then he poured some right down her stomach and it ran down her pussy lips. He said lick it up and lick where ever it runs down. I got in between her legs and licked where ever the jack ran I licked down her pussy all the way down to her ass. He got behind me licking my pussy as I licked hers. My tongued circled her clit then I moved back down to her ass and moved my tongue in circle around her tight ass. He then laid on his back and told us both to slide our tongues up and down his cock.

We did as he told us. Then he had me lay on top of her and he once again got behind slipping his cock into me and a finger into her ass then switching back and fourth. As we both slipped our tongues into each others mouths. See how dirty things can get when their is sex and drugs all over the frat house? Want something a bit more wild and exotic? Cum play with kinky cheating girlfriend.

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