Sensual mutual masturbation will put you under a spell.

It’s what you really crave. You require sensual mutual masturbation. I like to tease you and make you watch me play with my pretty pussy. Watch as I undress in front of you. There’s something about drawing you in that keeps you wanting more. The more I say no, the harder you get. You can’t touch but watch as I play with myself.  Without a doubt, I let you fantasize about me and let your mind run wild.

I will play with both of your heads!

Even though you can’t touch me, it doesn’t mean I won’t make myself well acquainted with you. I want to show you what sensual mutual masturbation is all about. There I am, close to your cock. I may even lick it a bit and smile. The way I want you is pretty wicked and wild. My need for you to beg and crave is much stronger than me giving you a break. There’s not an ounce of doubt that I will have you on your knees for me. You want a piece of me. To be able to feel me and fuck me is a dream, and you don’t deserve that right. The only thing you will get is a tease. My only satisfaction is to bring you to the edge.

Wicked fun.

I love to cocktease guys. I am a Hardcore Findom Princess, and I make sure to have fun in all ways. There’s a reason I love to cocktease.  All in all, there’s a love to control no matter who it is with, whether it’s a friend’s boyfriend, a stepdad, or a professor. My love does lie in making you guys break the rules. Next, I give them a little sensual mutual masturbation and let them think they will get lucky with me. There is no way you will have the ability to do that. I want you on your knees worshipping me, head to toe. Especially my pretty feet. After all, I make men submit and suck my pretty toes.

I know you wish you could have a foot job from this tight sweet seductress, but the only thing you will be able to do is to kiss my feet and listen to me as I command you to jerk. Consider yourself very lucky either way. Obviously, that’s quite an honor.

Get lost in your fantasy.

Even though, in your mind, my perfect feet slowly rub your hard-on and make it feel so good. My toes tease the head of your cock, and you can hardly keep your composure. Then, you realize that you have to keep going. Too bad it’s only in your fantasy because I won’t touch your cock. I want you to feel helpless and love to be cock teased. Finally, my playful bratty demeanor will be all worth it, and you know it more than you pretend. After all, if I give in to your fantasies, you won’t appreciate that massive climax later on. It is not completely humiliating. In fact, it’s quite erotic. Sensual mutual masturbation will keep us closer. It will make it all worthwhile.

The best phone sex is the one that keeps you coming back.