Hardcore Findom Princess will have you ready to submit!

It’s hard for you to free yourself of a Hardcore Findom Princess like me. I know how to make you so weak voluntarily, that you won’t know what to do with yourself. I’m not as innocent and sweet as I look. Once you open pandora’s box, you will forever be sucked into my world.

My happiness is all that matters and your only goal is to make this princess happy. Material things are enjoyable, and although I love draining that wallet, some other acts push me to the edge. After all, my satisfaction is the only important thing here, I want you to do the unthinkable and of course, satisfy the princess in her shopping and whatever she wants. 

Now you must confess all those secrets.

What gets me going is when you tell me all about your dirty little secrets. All those tidbits that you want no one else to know about, I want you to confess all those to me. From now on, I will rule you in every which way. You have to go deep in your brain and reprogram yourself to know that you belong to me. I’m not a Hardcore Findom Princess for nothing!

It will get to the point where you won’t think for yourself because, honestly, you aren’t even secondary in this game I play. I’m your priority, hands down. You’re entirely hypnotized and in seduction mode. I’ve got you right where I want you and there’s no escaping now. You will soon see the most accurate form of who you are: my little worthless piggy slut. 

I love to fuck you over!

It is the best feeling in this world to make you so weak that you give up your wallet, secrets, and confessions. I want you to always ask for permission and beg me to let you play with yourself. The only satisfaction you should have is making this Hardcore Findom Princess happy. Understand your place and never regret it because if you do, you won’t have the want to climax. From now on, you will associate bliss and orgasms with what makes the princess happy.

My pleasure is your pleasure. If I want something, you will stop at nothing to get it for me. I have my sadistic side, so I will undoubtedly make sure you wear panties under your work clothes. That’s how you show me you will forever be grateful.

Time to submit to this princess.

Don’t hold back and you will soon see that this Hardcore Findom Princess will take you to new levels of submission. I will tease you with my Bicurious Sensual Seduction sessions. You can watch, but you won’t touch it. No one comes close to me and I’m sure you will beg on your knees with my stilettos right on your chest.

My giggle is comforting yet terrifying. You don’t know what I will do next; I never cease to push a pig to its limits. I get off on domination and humiliation. It’s almost my obsession. My needs come first, so if I want to make you do whatever pops in my mind, I will make you. You, of course, will comply with a smile on your face and draining your accounts for me.

Humiliation Phone Sex is my kind of fun. I can’t wait to make you my slave, piggy.