Bicurious sensual seduction is addicting!

I never thought I’d be all about bicurious sensual seduction. Now that I have a taste of both worlds, I never limit myself to only one way of living. I want all the excitement and pleasure that turns any monotonous day into an exciting thrill. Why not go with what really gets you going. My personal view does change, and now that I have had my first encounter, I never want it to stop.  You can definitely say I’m hooked on adventure especially naughty hot ones! It is all about enjoying your first and making the best decisions from now on. Life is too short not to want to explore and let yourself dive deep into all those dirty desires that roam that twisted head of yours.

Girls love to have fun.

So when my friend decides to come over for a girl’s night in, I should have had a clue that things would unfold and an exciting situation would transpire. After hours of lounging around talking and trying to see what would be great to do for the night, we got a bit bored. A confessional session pretty much ended up happening. We both discussed our days and how things ended up turning out.  Then we ended up talking about all those sexual encounters we have had and the ones that haven’t happened. Both of us were keen on the idea of being with another woman. My hot friend told me all about her fantasies and how much she thought about a bicurious sensual seduction.

Shocked but hooked.

I’m really intrigued and want to see where it all goes. I’ve always have been quite curious, but now I am even more hooked on the idea of possibly frolicking with my hot girlfriend. I can’t help but take the bait and let the porn play while I go down on her. Obviously, she’s done this before, so when I’m all for it, she is ready to go. I find my way between her legs and lightly kiss and tease her. The thought of this type of fun has crossed my mind way too much, so I knew exactly what to do. Plus, lesbian porn has always piqued my interest, along with stepdads cum slut porn. What can I say? I am open to all possibilities.

As I suck her clit and feel her quiver, I get her wet and know this was the perfect bicurious sensual seduction ever the way she climaxed.

The night is young and so are we.

We both know we will keep up with each other. Neither of us wants to stop. We cross the line and know to enjoy it all. Before I know it, she pulls out some of her toys and together we share them and fuck all night long. It’s the perfect treat. I love to feel that vibrator on both of our clits simultaneously. We both cum over and over again. I grab the biggest dildo and start pounding her till she’s squirting all over. I’ve never seen so much squirting out and my curiosity makes me suck it all. It’s the perfect end to the best bicurious sensual seduction ever.

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