Hot Erotic Seduction will have you weak.

I know hot erotic seduction will make you do all the naughty things you want. My stepdad is one hot older man. When he and my mom got married, I knew it meant trouble. All I could think of was how great in bed he must be. I can see his bulge and know right then and there he would be such a great fuck. My mom has no idea what is in my head, and I don’t plan on making it obvious. The whole point is to keep things on the down-low. I know what I want, and I won’t stop till I get it.

Home alone with my new daddy.

My mom takes a work trip. It’s the perfect time to execute my plan. I want to make my stepdad so weak and make him act on impulse. Without a doubt, I know I will get him to fall under my spell. My hot outfits will come in handy. It is not even an hour after she leaves that I’m already walking around the living room half-naked. My stepdad is trying his best not to stare, but it’s too late. I can tell he is about to bust out of his pants. I’m such a tease that I walk right over to him and make him realize he’s about to become mine. Hot erotic seduction will make him submit to me.

I can’t stop myself!

It is wrong, but it feels so right. My stepdad knows what I’m about to do. I’m going to make him so rock hard and have him begging for my tight teen holes. There I am, a total tease about to make him cheat on my mom. To be quite honest, I don’t feel bad. My body craves good cock and I won’t stop myself. Even if it means I have to fuck my own stepdad. I whisper in his ears to be kind and pull it out. My stepdad is hesitant, but I encourage him some more. I’m all about hot erotic seduction, so I take the lead. He’s too shocked even to function. I do the honors and pull his cock out. My stepdad is packing about nine whole inches.

A little sensual mutual masturbation is a must. I’m all for rubbing one out with whoever I’m with, but before I do, I am so shocked at what is in front of me.

My eyes can’t believe what they see.

He’s bigger than I even could imagine. My stepdad’s cock is about the size of a full beer can and so long. I want him so deep inside me. I struggle with sucking it because all I want is to feel him deep down in my cunt. My stepdad starts to get dominant and begins to take charge. That’s enough hot erotic seduction, now he wants to pound his stepdaughter. I take him like a good slut, and it is safe to say we won’t stop fucking. The whole time my mom was gone, we had the best time fucking.

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