Dominant Latina Mistress likes to pick the right sub.

For example, whenever I choose someone to become my submissive, they must pass the test and prove to this Dominant Latina Mistress they will do whatever I please. My favorite kind of submissive pets has to be the ones that are very masculine and egotistical. The better you think you are, the hotter it will be for me. I love turning a macho man into a bonafide sissy. It was nothing like a grown man wearing panties and sucking my strap-on only because I felt the need to have him do so. Call me sadistic, but that turns me on more so than anything else. 

Show me you will be the best sissy slut!

The only way to make this Dominant Latina Mistress happy is to show me you will be the best sissy slut ever. Time to serve and do it with a smile. Get ready to blow cocks. For instance, I will show you how to wear panties, and I want you to wear them at work. Under your suit, they go. Specifically, while you are out and about you have the most frilly panties ever under your suit.

After all, you have to comply with all I ask of you. For instance, now its time to show off those panties. There you are in front of my friends and I. Don’t get too discouraged at our loudness. Yes, we laugh and stare and giggle and try to whisper, but we inevitably have to humiliate you face to face. 

Suck it like a real whore.

Put your mouth on this massive strap in front of everyone at the get-together. I’m about to fuck your mouth with all my friends watching. I love that now you have become the show. The entertainment will be put on the best display ever.  Next, I want you to listen carefully and follow the rules. If for some reason, you can’t keep up, we will bring out the actual muscle. No worries, I have plenty of big dick friends who love to have sissy mouths on their cocks. All in all, you will show me how you will abide by the rules of this Dominant Latina Mistress. Realize you will never be in charge again. You are a sissy slave, and that’s how it will always stay.

A real whore will suck on straps, and If I’m honest, I am about to make you a beta bottom for my guy friends. After a couple of whips, it’s time you apologize and beg me to ruin you. Only in your dreams would you have a chance at Hot Erotic Seduction with me.

Deep Down in that mouth of yours.

That big cock glides for you to suck.  Then, all you can hear is my friends, and I giggle as you start cocksucking like a total bitch. I don’t care about the tears rolling down your cheeks.  After all, the humiliation aspect is so fucking hot, and we all notice your hardon. Besides, there are plenty of ways to show you’re a sissy, such as, if you’re turned on, that makes you one.  Secondly, if you beg for more. Now that you have had a Dominant Latina Mistress to show you what a sissy you are to the bone, you will never want to go back to pretending to be a man.

 Humiliation Phone Sex will have you begging for more with me.