Turns out, I am a dominant, confident woman that will make your life Hell. Hence, that is how it is and what this Goddess loves. Taking charge of your mind, body and wallet get my sweet tight pussy all wet. Furthermore, I find it absolutely intoxicating to tower over a sniveling man begging for mercy. You know I am talking to you little bitch! My sensual humiliation keeps you coming back for more.

I recently thought I might be a “switch” and able to be submissive. Uhhh, no fucking way baby! I refuse to have jerks treat me like that. You cannot speak to me in that tone, giving me orders. It isn’t in my blood to bow down to a friggin’ man. Above all, I am a Goddess, pure amazingness in one beautiful package and I deserve complete surrender from my subs.

And that is exactly what I made you, isn’t it? My well behaved boy toy. Little by little, my sensual humiliation took control of you. Long overdue to be put in your place, your pathetic attempt to dominate me was humorous, at best. After a while, you became less entertaining and more annoying. And that is when I knew that it was time to put you in your place.

I am fucking powerhouse Goddess. Maybe I will be your dominant sensual humiliation mistress, maybe I won’t…

As I said, I temporarily lost my fucking mind and thought I’d give being a submissive a try. And I hated every fucking second of it. Hated the type of men and their arrogant, expectant ways. Consequently, not for me, I am truly your humiliation phone sex Goddess through and through. No man will talk to me like that, ever. Even my sweat is sweet. Nothing about me is submissive. I am not sure what I was thinking, but I am glad I am back to my senses.

My boys know what a powerful sensual humiliation Goddess I am. You can ask Pussy Pantyhose wearing, Boy Toy Scott and he will tell you my sensual domination will cause you to blow a huge load. It must really fucking suck that you can’t. Sorry, not sorry.

I know I will make you rock hard with anticipation of my next moves. Keeping you on your toes and at my feet the entire session. Bitch, you better do as I tell you…I really don’t have time for your silly games. I always get what I want…always.

I don’t tolerate insolence from my boy toys.

Men crave my style of domination through sensual humiliation because like me; it’s unique. First of all, our calls are not only exciting, but they are also sexy and erotic. My style is not what you would imagine when you think of BDSM, it is sensual domination which is much more relaxing and erotic. Likewise, don’t get me wrong, cross me and I will definitely bring out the torture tools. My words can cut deeper than a knife.

I have no qualms with punishing you for not obeying my commands. One thing you should know, I have the ability to control how long you go without cumming. Sure, you say, but trust me, once you are tied up in my web, you will do as I tell you! Because my power goes deep you will beg me to rule over you with my sultry voice and powerful pussy.

This pussy is made of gold baby. Only the chosen get to come near it!

You can smell my juices, be near them but may never touch this beautiful golden pussy. I am a hard sell and only a few get to touch and play with this adorable little cunt. Let me tell you, I taste like honey too. The addiction to me is so strong I have to be careful who I let in as my subs. As a result, men go to all lengths to please and submit to me. Furthermore, it can be expensive for you, and I expect you to be willing to do whatever I ask.

Furthermore, when you are given a task, you have to make a way to do so. I am demanding as your Goddess. I deserve only the best submissives. Men that are willing to bow down to my greatness. Don’t take this lightly, I am fucking awesome. I tolerate nothing from weak, powerless little men. Men are unable to do what is necessary for life to be a man.

You are fucking pitiful and I will do everything in my power to make sure you know that. Consequently, all of my wraths will be spent on the sensual humiliation I dish out on you. Therefore, when we have sessions, I will happily point out all your inadequacies. Shining the light on areas you didn’t even know existed.

You all have secrets you carry around. Hiding deep in your mind.

One powerful tool I use is erotic hypnosis mind control. Allowing me to get into the crevices of your mind and pull out all your dirty little secrets. Basically, secrets I can use for my benefit. Above all, only I can embrace with you your love of panties and pantyhose, the secret fetishes you crave. Sweet little waste of a man, oh the things I can do to you. My lovely pussy gets all wet and tingly just thinking about it!

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