As I stand in front of you, I can not help but shake my head in pity. That is all that you have got; to beg me for mercy?! What a pitiful little man you are! Mind you, I am not even using any physical tools on you, I am merely using my sensual skills to dominate your mind and cock through sissy blackmail.

Therefore, you must obey me or pay a very high price. That price comes in many ways. Whimpering only makes it worse you fucking pussy! So, stop. Just stop. You are only embarrassing yourself; as if that were even possible. Most notably, you are annoying the fuck out of me. This will only ensure that I make sissy blackmail even worse for you.

It doesn’t matter how long or how much you beg, you are going to face my wrath. Have you not read my Sissy Faggot Humiliation Stories? If not, read it and educate yourself. Now, open the computer. Once it is on, you need to start opening social media sites. If you don’t have accounts, you will be opening them today. You are putting them under your sissy name.

You have to be the biggest baby on earth, you little sissy!

I don’t care what you think, or feel, or are trying to convey to me. My mind is made up, and you are going to expose your true self to the world. Your first of many sissy assignments will be to start creating your account on Twitter first. Once you have it up and ready, you need to put on the outfit that I gave you. Bahahahaha, it really is funny the way that you cry! Disgusting and pitiful but fucking funny.


Sissy Blackmail


You will learn the hard way not to disobey or fuck with me. You and that tiny little pecker are going to be social media stars baby! Makes my tight pussy tingle with excitement watching you freak out and sweat buckets. Is this how you react to all crisis’ in your life? No wonder your wife can’t stand you. She is more man than you can ever be.

Quite honestly, I could name a mile-long list of people who are more masculine than you could ever hope to be.

A sad pathetic loser, letting everyone down. Hell, you even told me your family disowned you years ago. Deep down they knew you were a waste of human space. Nothing but a fucking sissy in need of a dominant woman to rule you. I am sure they did not know the last part but they will soon! With social media accounts and posts I command you to put out, all the world will know.

Does that make your little pickle of a dick tingle or shrink to nothing? Probably turns you on somehow. You are a true freak of nature. I fucking love it! Hours upon hours of entertainment during live phone sex is what you bring me. Consequently, controlling you gives me immense pleasure and disappointment all at the same time. No matter what direction I am taking us, you will somehow manage to fuck up. Now, the bonus is punishing you.

That’s right, I fucking love punishing you, especially with sensual humiliation!

Why else would I do this? Certainly, you don’t think that I like you? Awe! You did, didn’t you? That’s cute. Now let’s be real here for a minute. We are both aware that you are a lame duck loser that has never accomplished anything of value in your entire life.

Your wife and I have become great friends recently. Oh, I didn’t tell you? Whoops! It must have slipped my mind. She and I have shared so many laughs together, at your expense of course. We have formed a great bond over our enjoyment of sissy humiliation.

Did you know that your wife cheated to make sure she didn’t produce children with you? They are not your children, they are the neighbor’s kids. What was his name, the one that picks on you at parties? Kevin! Yes, that’s it, Kevin. Mmm, yea I definitely don’t blame her there.

You don’t give her a valid reason to stay other than money and female worship.

Ouch! Does that hit a nerve?! Sure it does, because deep down you have always known he was their father. Seems like they look just like him, and that tiny little willy couldn’t even impregnate the Dugger wife! LMAO, oh you are a good-for-nothing failure in every area of your life. Hence, the only reason that your wife stays with you is for your inheritance. Because that bitch loves your money! I can relate, I love your money too. It is your most redeeming only quality after all.

Furthermore, rumor has it that your wife, Kevin, and his wife all fuck and laugh at you while they do it. Unlike you, Kevin is successful in everything that he does. Therefore, it gives me loads of pleasure to make this officially known through social media. Buckle up! It’s time for sissy blackmail, bitch! You deserve everything that you get. While you may try to play the victim or underdog card, we know you are just a tiny dick loser.

Sissy Blackmail Is So Much Fucking Fun!

My poor little pet with his sad face. You are my wasting time. Get in there and put on the sissy clothes that I have chosen for you. Oh my! You look wonderful in those sissy panties and stockings. The matching bra, garter belt, and heels really set off your eyes. Pose for the camera sissy boy! Nice!! Now give me the duck lips you love showing off on Instagram; you are such a basic bitch. Sissy blackmail is so much fucking fun!

Due to your constant begging, I am making you open accounts all over social media. You will be my sissy blackmail slut, open for business to any real men that want to see the goods. Maybe, we will get tons of requests to see that pretty little clit of yours. Furthermore, most of my followers love a tight virgin asshole to peek at.


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