Tell me what do you crave in a Goddess? There are so many different types of dominant Goddesses in the world. Some are very strict and intense, preferring the full-on BDSM experience and style. Similarly, others are about humiliation and mental control. In between, there are hundreds of variations of style and type. Me, I am all about the sensual domination side of things. As my submissive, female worship has now become your lifestyle. In particular, female worship of yours truly. I trust that you will not disappoint.

My goal is to control you with sensual domination, erotic mind control, and sensual humiliation; just to name a few. I expect nothing but complete surrender. You will be my little boy toy, bowing to my greatness. Understand, I do not say this lightly. As my submissive male, you need to be prepared to commit to female worship wholeheartedly. To say the least, I am fucking intent on our relationship being one way only…

And that is my way!

There is nothing complicated to understand with me. I will keep it simple for your tiny little brain. You will be told what to do for me, when to do it, and expected to follow through. If you do not do as you are told there will be consequences you may or may not like. I am sure you like to cum, I can make that impossible! Make sure you don’t cum for months at a time.

Most noteworthy, control is extremely fucking sexy to me. Deciding what my boy toys are allowed to do is something that I love. Therefore, make sure you understand that if you come to me to be your Goddess. It is up to you to make sure you are checking in and staying committed to my requests.

When you say you want to be mine, I want your full attention to be on me!

I am pure perfection and if I grant you the privilege of being one of mine, you WILL be “ALL IN”! Let me be totally clear here, this Goddess will not tolerate wishy-washy pussy men that cannot seem to do as they are told. Truthfully, most men are wimps and pussies. Unable to control your cocks without a strong Goddess to guide you.

Worshipping beautiful, strong women like me is what weak and pathetic mean like you are meant to do. When you are with your wife, you can be the breadwinner that she thinks you are, but when you are with me, you bow to my greatness. My pussy comes lined with gold and if you are good, I may let you peek at that little kitty. Chances are that will never happen because you are a chronic fuck up.

My goal is to show you how to own your worthlessness!


female worship


And I fucking love it! Have I mentioned that I revel in the process? Using your lack of attributes to remind you that you are only here to be my perfect little sub. For example, maybe you have a tiny little pecker and can’t bring a woman to an orgasm. Female worship is one of your very few options. Because of this, I will use all of my tools to make sure that you own this fully. To be completely honest, teaching you proper female worship is my gift to you. You’re welcome.

Prepare yourself and be ready to dish out the dough too!

I am not cheap baby, my time is very valuable and I have men begging to spend time with me. Certainly, prepare yourself and be ready to offer up a shit ton of tributes to reward me. I deserve only the best and have plenty of men willingly hand over entire paychecks to spend time with me. Likewise, I will expect nothing less from you.

Let’s be honest, if you are coming to me with a tiny cock, you are already worthless. Female worship is your only choice.

As you should already know, I am a size queen that loves a huge rod to ride. As a result, prepare yourself. When you come to me with your tiny 3-inch penis, I will decimate you with my words. Making sure you understand that you will never be able to satisfy any woman, let alone this gorgeous Goddess. Rather, that tiny little pecker is nothing more than a clit.

You heard me, you have a fucking clit between your legs and after I make you play with it, I am going to bend you over and fuck you like the bitch you are! Consequently, you will be begging for mercy as you take every fucking inch of my BBC! Mmmm, that made your clitty tingle didn’t it? Above all, imagine the things your clitty is going to feel after a domination phone chat session and female worship with me.