If you have read anything about me, you know I love sensual domination. With sensual control, we play many fun games and get you off in a multitude of ways. One way is using erotic hypnosis mind control. Which is controlling your mind, guiding you so that things are going the way I want. I love when we create new hot kinky sex stories and erotic hypnosis mind control is one of my faves!

You need to be open to giving me control. I know this is feeling uncomfortable at first, but I am very much into erotic hypnosis mind control, so you are safe with me. Yes, my goal is my pleasure but also yours. Together we can experience new and fun orgasms if you are good. By allowing me control, you are showing me that you trust me.

Trusting me will bring us the best hot kinky sex stories through erotic hypnosis mind control!

Erotic hypnosis mind control adds some mystique to the games. You giving me control not only physically but mentally too. I promise you it is fucking amazing! I use erotic hypnosis as a way of putting you in a state of “agreement” if you will. A place that allows you to be receptive to my guidance and knowledge.

These skills help me to make the most of our erotic hypnosis mind control sessions. By putting you “under” I am then able to access your deepest, darkest wishes. Then we are on our way to true sensual and erotic pleasures like none other. This is one hell of a good time, and many men are too afraid to come along with me.

Don’t be that guy. Trust me to bring us pure pleasure!

By listening to my voice as I am guiding you, you give me the control necessary to make it amazing. My goal is always to find the best path to please both of us. Of course, I am a Goddess and my pleasure comes first. Then you are right behind me, getting to cum a huge load with me guiding you there.

The hot kinky sex stories through erotic hypnosis mind control that come from our time together will curl some toes! Not everyone is up for this level of sexual arousal and release. This experience will cause you to become addicted to me, my voice, and my incredible skills. My erotic hypnosis mind control will call you back time and time again.

Your mind will crave the intensity of our erotic hypnosis mind control sessions.

Sitting at home, working on a project, I sneak into your mind and you are unable to finish what you are doing. That is when you will be mine forever, together bonded through our erotic hypnosis mind control sessions of intense pleasure and fun. Trust me, I see it happening time and time again. I am here for you too.

All you have to do is reach out to me on my phone sex hotline to play. We can go back to that secret place in your mind to please your body. Erotic hypnosis mind control sessions from the past come running through your memories, pulling you back to me. Your need is driving you to a hard-on with no release unless I take you back. Furthermore, that need is unquenchable without the gifts I have.

You are mine and together we can explore any place.

This is one thing that makes me irresistible. The skills I have and the need that you will have for those skills keep you linked to me for the long haul. We are forever a pair, making sure that we can cum again and again. My gifts help me to help you go into places you have only dreamed about in your mind.

I am able to put you under erotic hypnosis mind control and then access the reaches of your mind. While doing this, I pull out those deep, dark places. I do this in a comfortable way that allows you to rest under my spell. Once I am there, together we search through those places and then I help you to truly experience a level of pleasure like no other.

I love this ability that I have and using it makes my life so much more fun! Are you up for this adventure? It is not for the weak or queasy. You have to be a real man that can handle where we are going!

Guided Masturbation