Sensual Domination: Is It For You?

I am often asked what my favorite type of phonesex calls are. And my answer is super simple; sensual domination is by far my favorite type of phone sex call to do. I also have a pantyhose fetish and love foot fetish sessions, so I like to incorporate that into many of my roleplay phone sex calls. If you’ve never heard of sensual domination, you’re probably wondering what the fuck I’m talking about. So…

What Does Sensual Domination Mean?

 Kinkly describes Sensual Domination as;

“…a new style of dominance which focuses on delighting all of the senses. When practicing sensual domination, both partners agree to take turns assuming and giving up control so they can both enjoy sexual pleasure. Sensual dominance celebrates pleasure over pain and does not involve violence, aggression, or humiliation.

Despite refraining from many common domination methods, a sensual dominant still aims to bring their submissive partner to subspace. As it’s easier for a submissive partner shifts out of pain than pleasure, sensual dominance often results in a longer period of subspace.”

Stimulate Your Senses

I absolutely love sensual dominance and while pain can be pleasurable; I enjoy stimulating my submissives senses. Each and EVERY one of your senses; slowly awakening your body in ways you have only dreamed about. Arousing you in ways that send chills down your spine. Forcing all of the blood in your body straight to your cock, making it throb and ache for me. Alternating between soft and sensual to hard and rough. Sensual domination phone sex will awaken many senses and emotions that you never knew existed within yourself.


Prepare For The Ride Of Your Life

You will melt like butter under my touch as I seductively tease and caress your body. Unbeknownst to you, I am slowly wrapping you around my pretty little fingers. Tightening my grip on you as I prepare to pounce; completely owning you. Are you ready for the ride of your life?

I want to take you to places that you never knew existed. I want to awaken every cell in your body. In your mind, there was no way that sensual domination could cause this much of an effect on your life. It seems surreal, like something you would read about in one of those mind control sex stories. As you look down at your palms, you rub your hands together as though you are trying to rub away the urge that you feel building up inside of you. I want you to lose yourself in me. So, come with me; and let’s explore new and fascinating sensations during our time together.

Give In To Your Urges

Control in and out of the bedroom is what I truly crave. Are you willing to relinquish yourself to me? Are you ready for me to fully control your body and your mind? You and I both know that this is what you are craving as well. You want to submit yourself to me, giving me the power to do whatever I want with you.

What naughty things will Brittany do with you? There’s only one way to find out…


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