ANOTHER secret fuck?

I know, I know. It’s not like fucking my godson isn’t a secret.
Now there’s MORE secret fuck action going on?
… totally. 🙂

I really hate my BITCH neighbor across the street. She’s a skank, and she has a HUGE mouth, which she likes to frequently run. So of course, being that I don’t take bullshit from skanky bitches, we tend to not get along. Her hot young teen son on the other hand? He’s a completely different story. I’ve had some fun with him before, so he’s not a NEW secret fuck; more like a rediscovered secret fuck. What can I say? Every year I get a little more insatiable, and these days, the hot young ones are lookin’ good to me! They have the stamina, and so do their cocks. They get rock hard if the fucking wind blows!

Speaking of the weather, it here was beautiful yesterday. No more rain, not a cloud in the sky. A great day to get out and enjoy a walk in the woods! It was close to sunset when I got the urge for a walk. The fact that this hottie was outside my window in nothing but skimpy shorts and a smile was washing his car for nearly TWO HOURS might have had something to do with it. I do believe someone was trying to get my attention! I’m sure he sees the comings and goings of my best friend’s hubby and my god-son.

He knows he has competition for my time AND my pussy!

I congratulate him on upping his game! Bending and stretching to reach every nook and cranny of those wheel wells… shorts falling down low on his hips – he has the sexiest hip bones! Six pack. It’s hard to resist the urge to lick your way up and down him!

I decided to stop resisting and went outside. I was wearing some very skimpy jean shorts myself, with no panties beneath, and a tight little tank top that made it more than obvious I had on no bra. Wasn’t planning on being in these clothes for long! I sat down and pulled on my hiking boots, partly because the trails in the woods behind my house are overgrown, and partly because I like fucking naked, except for my boots; regardless of the occasion. He caught my subtle nod towards the trail leading into the woods and winked at me conspiratorially. I walked ahead and disappeared into the overgrowth, walking a distance away from the mouth of the entrance.

Not TOO far away because it excites me to fuck my bitchy neighbor’s son close enough to get caught at it.

I found a little clearing off to the side and a big rock to put my shorts and tank top on. I waited there, completely naked except for my socks and boots; loving the feeling of being totally exposed, totally vulnerable. Anyone could decide to walk this path. Anyone could decide to abandon the path and venture to this very spot. Just then, he entered the clearing, his face lighting up as he realized I was totally naked and waiting for my secret fuck buddy to arrive.

With one motion his shorts were down and off, tossed casually on top of my clothes on the rock, and I was being pulled towards it as he sat himself down right on top of our stuff. His cock was already rock hard from the anticipation of our dirty, secret fuck in the woods. He sat down on the rock, and I sat down on his cock. I knew my pretty little ass would never touch the dirty ground.

I was going to ride this hard young teen cock until he shot his load inside me!

I’ll take a walk in the woods with you too if you like.
I’ll be that dirty secret fuck partner that your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or Mistress never has to know about.

Teen Phone Sex!