The Best Sex Stories For Those Who Love Young School Girls

All you perverts know I have the best sex stories, don’t you? This one is particularly naughty. It all started yet another day walking home from school. It was a hot one in Texas and I really didn’t want to walk. Then out of nowhere a car parked right next to where I was walking and it was my naughty neighbor. He offered me a ride home and since we had done this once before, I figured I would accept.

This time it was for sure different. I was no longer the naive girl who was going to be surprised when he pulled his cock out for me. Oh no! Instead I tried to be the slutty school girl he craved. As he was driving I put my hand on his crotch and started rubbing. He didn’t seem at all surprised, he knew I wanted him as much as he wanted me. He drove over to an isolated park and that when the real fun started.

As he parked I pulled his cock out and started stroking it.

He was so hard. All in had in my mind was tasting. Of course, I did but he had something else in mind this time around. He asked if I had ever had sex before and young me, of course, said yes. I was lying, deep inside I was still a good girl. He said we should get off the car and find a spot to see what happens. Well, the spot happened to be right on the hood of his car. He bent me over it and I felt the tip of his cock press up against my young teen pussy.

I was so tight, he didn’t even take five minutes to cum. Perhaps if he gives me a ride a third time I might actually get to cum on his cock.
What is your age play phone sex fantasy?

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