I saw a blond wig in a store and decided I would buy it. I was looking for new sexual adventures and I thought it would be hot to transform myself into a blonde slut and go fuck someone. I bought the sexy wig and took it home. I was already turning myself on with the thought of wearing a wig. Something about wearing a sexy disguise that could alter my looks pretty drastically was hot. I slipped it on and I already felt different. I put on some slutty make up- blue eye shadow and false eyelashes.

I looked at myself in the mirror and thought “Fuck, I look hot”. I threw on my push up bra and sexy panties and a skin tight red dress and black pumps. I was turning myself on- who is this hot blond?

I needed cock bad now, so I took off for a dive bar where my friend’s band was playing. I know almost every guy that hangs out at this bar, but tonight I walked in as a stranger. The guys I have known for a while looked at me different. I felt different. I went to the bar and ordered a drink from the bartender like I did a hundred times before. He looked at my eyes and said, “Sara?” I smiled and said “yes, but please don’t tell!” He said this was the hottest thing any one has done in this bar in a long time. He begged me to wait for his shift to be over.

I spent the night getting free drinks, dirty dancing with boys who may or may not have recognized me- and always watching the hot bartender watch me. I may or may not have given a few guys hand jobs, and quite possibly long blow jobs in the dirty bathroom. At the end of his shift, we went back to the bartender’s place and we fucked all night with me in my blond wig.

I am not going to wear this wig all of the time, but I will pull it out when I want to be someone else for a while. Someone new you can fuck. Do you want me to put it on now?

Call me!

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