My friend Katie is an actress and she is beautiful. She has blond hair and much bigger tits than me. She came to NYC from a small town when she turned 18. Typical story- young naive mid-west girl in the big bad city.  One night she started to tell me stories about when she came here. The things she had to do to get started in the theater business!

Katie went to her first audition even before she had a place to live. She didn’t have much money and she was hopeful to land a commercial right away. She answered an ad, put on a nice kind of conservative dress and heals. Her big tits were always hard to conceal, she was a little nervous about how they almost burst out of the low neckline. Underneath,  she was wearing her new special red lace panties and bra for good luck.

When she got to the casting call, there were lots of beautiful girls there sitting in the hallway. She was feeling hopeful, but she also knew she do almost anything to get this job. Two men, who were the brothers who ran the company, came out of the office and looked the girls over.

They would have girls stand up, turn around and then they would whisper to each other. When they got to fresh innocent Katie with the big boobs, they looked at each other and nodded. Katie was asked into the back office.

She was so excited! They asked her to sing a little, and then they said they wanted to see improv. They asked her to put a much sleazier red dress on, fishnet stockings and red lipstick. They told her to get on her knees and crawl over to their desk. They then told her that the role was of a whore so they need to see if she could play the part. One of the guys  locked the door and pulled the blinds. Katie was nervous but really wanted this role. As Katie followed their instructions, she noticed that they were both stroking their cocks under the desk. Fuck, she thought. One guy told her to crawl on her knees to his side of the desk. She saw his big cock hanging out of his pants. Come here. He said. She was terrified, but she crawled over and saw his big stiff dick hanging out of his pants. The other guy came from behind her and held her head as the other one thrusts the dick inside her mouth. They told her to be a good whore and not to scream. This is how girls get the big roles.

They then put her on the desk and held her down. They ripped her panties off of her and fucked her. She was crying, her make-up was running but she let them do what they wanted with her. Finally, they both came on her face and her hair. They told her to get up and leave and don’t tell anyone.

Katie had to leave their office with smeared make- up and the slutty clothes that they made her change into, and cum in her hair, walking past all of the hopeful girls.

The casting company called her the next day. They said if she came back once a week, the brothers  would pay her to be their personal slutty whore actress. Katie was terrified, but the thought of not having to worry about rent was appealing. She said ok.

She ended up playing the part of these brothers’ slut for a few months, just until she started getting real work as an actress. The brothers, no doubt found new young innocent actresses to fill her role.

Katie says she still remembers those days and gets turned o

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