You know, around this time of year its all about Santa and his elves. Santa’s reindeer are seldom, if ever, mentioned while people are loving and adoring Santa. But that’s not the case for me. While Santa is inside getting his jollies off with the elves, I’m slinking around the reindeer stables, looking for a little holiday fun if you know what I mean.

Some people may feel that my thoughts on how to have fun with the reindeer are taboo but, I know that there is SOMEONE out there who would agree that holiday love between me and Santa’s reindeer is not only natural but fun and sexy!

I like to tenderly rub Santa’s reindeer right across their coarse fury bellies. Nuzzling my nose up against their wet noses is my sign letting them know that I am ready to make them feel just as good as they should. They deserve a relief from the stress of having to carry Santa’s big ass all around on Christmas night.

That’s exactly why I take my time and gently massage their long reindeer cocks until they stretch out, long and hard in my hand. The reindeer enjoy my warm hands rocking back and forth…up and down…on their huge dicks. My excitement becomes clear when my nipples start to harden and my mouth begins watering. I can’t believe how quickly those reindeer get me in such a kinky mood.

Before I know it, my panties are down by my ankles and I’m bending over in front of the biggest one in the stables. With my bare ass in his face it’s pretty hard for Mr. Reindeer to resist the smell of my pussy. The first few licks on my cunt feel like heaven as my reindeer friend takes in my juices. I like to close my eyes and feel his long wet tongue lick me like a piece of salt pork.

The hot breath on my clit drives me over the edge. Taking his huge, pre-cum dripping dick into my mouth makes my knees weak. When I fall to the ground, his entire cock stretches into my throat and makes me gag and wretch. My little pussy gets so creamy with the taste of his animal flesh in my mouth. I can’t wait to work his animal dick into my tiny pussy and ass.

Just as I am about to surrender and let my reindeer friend take full control of my body and just when he can barely take it anymore and needs to feel how deep my love for him really is…I hear a sound out side of the stable door. Like someone is sneaking up on me and my reindeer friends. Is it you? Are you the sneaky one with your hand in your pants, stroking that throbbing cock and stretching your neck to see just how naughty Carmen really is. What are you going to do when you catch me naked and bottoms up with that hung reindeer just waiting to destroy my pussy?

Will you watch? Will you join in? Or will you give me instructions on what to do next with my reindeer friends?

Pick up that phone if you think Santa’s reindeer need love too 🙂



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