Dirty Santa cucks my poor tiny-dicked boyfriend.

Santa cucks everyone he wants! My little dicked boyfriend was no match for him. I’d heard my friend had a visit from Santa because she’s been such a bad girl all year, partying with me and going out to clubs.. getting drunk, having threesomes, she’s really lived it up this year! We both earned our spot on the naughty list and had to pay up somehow, there’s always a chance to redeem yourself for some presents! So of course, I heard allll about the dirty things she did to her Santa.. and I wanted to do the same!

So when that big, black, Ho-Ho-Ho came thundering through the house, I was all ready to give him a good time. I had my naughty holiday shirt and a little skirt on, with no panties underneath! and my little dicked loser guy was set to come home any minute from work, but I didn’t care about him. I’d seen him looking at some interesting naughty videos anyway, and I didn’t think he’d care at all! Santa cucks whoever he wants, and tonight, that loser was on the list! However, I completely didn’t expect that I’d be expecting a big black cock for Christmas. It caught me completely by surprise! Specially with all the pictures and paintings about him.. Imagine my surprise when a big, buff, black Santa came through the door. I think he was just as equally surprised to find me bent over the couch, my little frilly white skirt in the air showing him a peek of my panties! That big black cock fucked me all night long without missing a beat!

The best part was when my boyfriend got home about halfway through.. and you know I made him sit and watch. He’d been the reason I’d needed more cock all year round, his lackluster penis just couldn’t satiate me, so I resorted to threesomes and one night stands all year. It was entirely his fault that I ended up on the naughty list, and now I was going to get myself off of it the same way! That black cock filled me up with frosting all night long, too. Who am I to make Santa wear a condom?

Come play with me.

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