My Mom must have stopped breast feeding me too soon because I always need to have something in my mouth. I guess they call my craving is an oral fixation. When I was young it was my thumb and the lollipops. I started smoking as a teen and still love the feeling of a cigarette in my mouth. I love to take long drags. Now my obsession is sucking on long hard dicks. Feeling the warm hard flesh, licking and sucking every part, feeling it grow in my mouth.

licking a cock

I will lick and suck your balls too. anything to get that cock rock hard. Sometimes I will let you cum in my mouth. let the warm man goo drip down my chin. I will even swallow if it turns you on!

Let me suck it in public. I will beg you to let me pull it out in a movie theatre or under a table in a crowded restaurant. I need to feed my addiction. My pussy gets wet at just the idea of getting you off with my fabulous mouth! Call me and I will give you a nice wet loud Blow job that will make your cock explode!


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