He Said He Wanted to Wrestle! What?!

He told me to wear my favorite bikini and be prepared for some fun. Okay? I can do that but what kind of fun are we going to get into at the gym? I showed up wearing some shorts and a tank top with a sweater over it. Of course I had my favorite bikini on underneath it. I saw Rick as soon as I walked in. He gave me a hug and then guided me into the back part of the gym where a boxing ring was.“What are we doing here Rick?” I was so confused. His response shocked me. “We’re going to wrestle. Lets see how can beat up who!” He told me to take my clothing off but leave my bikini on. He removed his shirt and then helped me into the ring. We stood in the middle facing each other for a few moments. He then lunged at me and rammed his shoulder right into my gut. My breath was pushed out of me in a great grunt!

I was bent over his shoulder with my back pushed against the ropes. He stood straight up, flipping me over her shoulder and flung me into the mat on my back. I couldn’t breathe at this point. I looked up at him and he was smiling. There was no way in fuck I was going to let him get away with this! He got to his feet and moved away from me. I scampered to my feet and watched him as he turned his back to me. This was my chance!

I ran at him and jumped onto his back, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He grabbed at my arms trying to pry them off but I wouldn’t give. I was a bit more than pissed off at this point. Rick found the corner of the ring and ran my back into the wood. I dropped to the floor quickly in a loud thump!

He grabbed some rope out of his bag and tied my hands up behind my back. He then made me swallow his cock for a long time. I couldn’t breathe because it was shoved so far in. I started to blackout when he finally let me take a breath. Before I could take a second one he shoved his hard cock right back down my throat. He came right as I was blacking out.

I woke up with him laughing over me asking if I enjoyed our date. I was shocked he had the balls to even ask something like that. But oddly enough, I did have fun fucking around with him! Hmmm…if only we can wrestle again soon!

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