This guy I have been seeing is kind of rough in the bedroom

This guy I have been seeing is kind of rough in the bedroom. Yet I cannot say that I mind it. He’s pretty hot, but the rough sex has left some marks on me. I had a few bruises after the last time we f

Casey likes rough sex

ucked, yet it’s so intense and I cum so hard. I cannot stop thinking about it. And I had finger marks on me as well. A girlfriend of mine asked about them when she saw some on my throat, she was afraid he was abusing me and asked if I needed help. I kind of blushed and said they were more marks of passion than abuse. And things in the bedroom could get a bit out of hand at times. She raised her eyebrows at the comment but didn’t bring it up again.

He Slaps My Ass And Grabs My Throat And I Like It

I know rough sex is not for everyone. But I cannot deny the intensity that it brings, there’s a fire to it that makes me wet like no other kind of sex. I just feel so sexual when he slaps my ass, or grabs my throat. Or says he’s going to make it hurt. I guess some people would think that’s not right, sick even, but if it’s consensual, which it is, it can be very hot and I just drip from the thought of his hands on me, even if he’s not being so gentle.

This Is Very Intense

I had another boyfriend in the past that asked if we could try rough sex. But it ended up being more comical than intense, so I let that go with him. But this guy knows just how to push my buttons and I’ve had more intense orgasms with him than with anyone. Last night he picked me up and placed me on the kitchen counter, rammed my knees apart. And grabbed me by the throat. For a moment I couldn’t breathe he was gripping my neck so tightly, I couldn’t think straight for a moment. I was losing consciousness.

He Called Me Dirty Names Over And Over

He loosened his grip long enough for me to become fully aware again. I reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer into me. My pussy took in the length of his shaft and I was so fucking wet as he glided in and out. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer and closer. He kept thrusting forcefully. The back of my head was hitting the cupboard door with each thrust. but it felt so good in my pussy, I was trying to ignore that. He called me a horny bitch and demanded I cum for him NOW.

With that kind of command, I do as I’m told and I exploded on command on his hard dick. And as soon as I came, that triggered his orgasm and he shot me full of his hot cum and I could feel it hitting my insides. We were both breathing so hard after we came. I knew I’d have more marks on me, but him telling me to cum on command and him calling me his slut and his whore. It just makes me cum harder. I really get off on it.I really love this play in bed but who knows what is the next kink we will try.

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