Rough sex with a naughty and slutty School-girl!

Rough sex with a naughty and slutty School-girl! I was with this guy for a long time. The sex that we shared was not fun or passionate… So I thought it would be fun to spice things up. I went to the sex shop and picked out this adorable blue plaid school-girl outfit complete with white stockings. They go up past my knees with matching blue plaid bow ties. I was also wearing a pair of smoking hot cum fuck me heels because I know how much he loves them! So the role play was that I was a bad girl and I got detention and this is what happens to bad girls… They get punished like bad girls.

He bent me over his desk and grabbed a ruler. I needed to be punished. So because I got caught taking pics of my pussy under my skirt in class… I got detention… I deserved every one of those ten smacks! After he spanked me he grabbed me by my hair, pulling me against him. He ground his cock against my ass and started to rub my teen pussy. Whispering in my ear “I won’t tell if you won’t” Immediately I agree. My pussy was soaking wet when he forced me to my knees and told me to suck his massive uncut cock.

Rough sex with a naughty and slutty School-girl!

After he made me gag on his massive dick he made me get on his lap. So He sat back in his desk chair and I straddled him. He slammed his hard cock in me over and over again… pounding my tight teen pussy! I slammed my pussy up and down his cock till he could not take it anymore. He put me on my knees I opened my mouth and took him deep in my throat till he was ready to cum. A hot explosion of cum hit my tongue.

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