Begging to cum like a good little girl.

Begging like a good little girl. I started to date this guy who was very dominant and controlling, he only lets me cum if I beg like a good little girl. My boyfriend came home one day mad about something that happened during his day at work and he wanted to take his frustrations out on me. Walking toward me with such determination he grabbed me by the hair pulling me up for a kiss. He pulled away looking into my eyes “You will be begging me to let you cum.”

He threw me on the bed mounting me as he tied my hands above my head, I couldn’t move under the pressure of his body pressed against mine and my hands pinned. My heart was in my chest adrenaline running rapidly through my body. Trying to wiggle out I got a slap across my face “Stay still” he said with such command in his voice. I cried out daddy” I went completely still at the shock of the slap. Keeping me pinned on the bed he ripped open my shirt leaving my breasts bare as they bounced out. My nipples harden in the cool air, they jiggle from side to side as he forcefully pulls down my pants.

Begging to cum like a good little girl.

So…There I lay completely naked, spread wide open and tied to the bed. I was nervous, it was all the waiting he took his time preparing for what he was going to do to me. I start to beg him “please baby, I want you” he didn’t even look at me. After what felt like forever he said “Keep begging bitch” and looked at me with venom in his eyes. So Panic struck me like lightning he only looked at me like that when he wanted to hurt me before he lets me please him.

Do you want to hear me begging you to please me? Wanna hurt me a little? Let’s act out this roleplay! Are you man enough to be the master of me?

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