Rough Sex just seems to be on the menu some days.  It had been a miserable day at work. I’d had to stay 3 hours later than usual, and to top it off, I think I was coming down with a cold…my throat felt like I was gargling glass. Walking through the deserted parking garage, I thought I heard footsteps behind me, but when I turned, I saw nothing. I was very glad to get into my car and lock the door, thinking it was just nerves. That’s when I felt a hand around my neck, and a hood placed over my head, shutting out all light.

A deep voice whispered in my ear “Do exactly as I say and you might get out of this alive. Nod if you understand.” Scared more than I thought possible, I gave him a weak nod. “Good,” the voice said, “Put on your seatbelt.” I did as he said and immediately I heard the back door open and then my door opened and the hand was back at my throat, undid the seatbelt, pulled me out of the car and put me face down on the back seat.

I felt a hand slide roughly between my legs and fingers sliding roughly over my pussy.

Despite, or perhaps because of my fear I was sopping wet between my legs. “You like rough sex, don’t you.” I didn’t respond and I heard him chuckle as he rammed three fingers into my tight little pussy. It was the biggest thing I’d had inside me in over 6 months and I was horrified to feel my pussy clamp down on the fingers. “You DO like it rough, and you haven’t been fucked in a while. I knew it.”
He pulled me towards the door as I felt a very large cock head rub up and down my pussy lips.  And, he smeared his other hand, the one coated with my pussy juice over my face. As he slammed his huge cock into my quivering cunt, my mouth opened to scream and he slid his fingers into my mouth. “Don’t even think about biting down, Joey, I really don’t want to hurt you.”

Slamming his cock in and out of my pussy, I realized HE KNEW ME.

I also realized the pain was turning into pleasure and my hips were starting to move back and forth on his massive pole as if they had a mind of their own.  I might just as well have been a filthy escort!
“God, you’re tight” he moaned, as with one quick movement he turned me around.  He lifted the hood far enough to uncover my mouth. Then, he replaced his fingers with a cock I could only get about halfway down my throat. His hand on the back of my head, he fucked my face like he had my pussy. But, before long I heard him moan again as he blasted a huge load of warm, sticky cum into my mouth.
Not being prepared, I swallowed some, but most of it went back over his cock and down my chin and onto my tits; making my brand new silk blouse mold itself to my tits.  As he withdrew his cock, he slapped it back and forth across my face, splattering his cum and my spit all over the lower half of my face.

I knew he saw me licking the juices off my face.

Then, laughed as he pulled the hood back down. “Leave it down for thirty seconds, Joey; and maybe, I’ll see you again.” With that, he shoved me face down back into my car; and I heard his footsteps running away. After the thirty seconds, I took off the hood and slowly regained my composure; realizing my throat was no longer sore, but now my pussy was.
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