Rough sex with Mr.Right!

Rough sex with Mr.Right, Hot and heavy night filled with fiery desire. Tall dark and handsome the total package, My heart beating wildly as he stood close to me like a hovering shadow. His Hands sliding over my fully clothed body, Fisting his hand into my hair pulling hard tilting my head upward. He kissed me possessively and deeply as if he owned me, His kiss grew almost painfully rough. Breathless, he stepped away leaving me wanting more. He grabbed me by the waist and led me to his bedroom, Controlling where to go with a push of his hand. When we reached his room he commanded me to strip, with such dominance in his voice.

My face flushed red as I began to take off my clothes for him, He watched me with intense commanding eyes. My cunt was dripping wet from just the intensity of his gaze. Standing naked in front of him he starts stripping, walking towards me with fluid motion with every step. He stopped in front of me letting his pants fall to the floor, leaving him completely naked. My eyes looked at him from foot to head, Hovering over his groin on my way up to his face noticing his massive erection. His large cock had a huge mushroom head and a nice wide shaft, I wanted him so bad. “Suck it” He commanded roughly.

I dropped to my knees the whole time keeping eye contact with Mr. Right.

I sucked his long hard shaft, playing with his veins with my tongue feeling it pulsate in my mouth. I sucked him with such desire deep throating him taking every inch he had to give me. He put his hand on the back of my head driving his cock into my throat working his hard cock in and out of my watering mouth. “Get on the bed” his voice husky with need. I crawled on to the bed on all fours waiting for what comes next. He slapped my ass hard, spreading my ass cheeks so he could see both my waiting holes. He slammed his cock inside my pussy giving it to me hard and rough till he fucked my little cunt raw.


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