Dave the Horny Librarian: Hot Rough Sex I had in a Public Library

I love going to my local library, they have the best book selections, however – I never realized that going to my library would lead to some after-hours rough sex.

I have been going to this library for a long time and had developed a very nice relationship with the librarians, they were always so helpful, and at this point, they knew what kinds of books I liked.  Recently they hired a very good-looking man, Dave.  Turns out Dave and I both had an interest in thriller and horror novels.  There was instant chemistry, and I was always excited to hear about Dave’s latest recommendations, I always trusted his opinion on the best books.

 I was returning my copy of “The Road” which was a post-apocalyptic thriller and asked Dave if he had any suggestions for what to read this week.  We talked for hours about the books we’ve read and our week, and how we felt about the current political climate.  I was shocked when he said the library was getting ready to close.  We were so caught up in our conversation that Dave said I could stay while he closed down.  

I would never have guessed that this would lead to the best rough sex of my life.

After Dave had turned off all the computers we sat down on a couch in the common area of the library to continue our conversation.  There was something almost haunting and exciting about the lights being off and looking around to see rows of books in the dark.  

“There really is something so attractive about an intelligent girl.” Dave suddenly blurted out

“…thanks?  I think it’s nice to be able to have an intelligent conversation, period, these days” I said jokingly.

“No – I really find you attractive, I mean you are just – HOT!”  He said as he moved toward me on the couch.  

The truth was, I thought he was incredibly sexy, too – so I was ready to take this wherever it went, I knew he wanted me and I was going to let him have me, I just didn’t know we going to have hot, dirty rough sex right there in the library!  

My heart started racing as Dave slid closer to me!

Dave grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to him and began passionately kissing me.  I was already soaking wet from his hot kiss!  

“I want a smart, independent girl, and I want to make her mine.  There is something about taking a beautiful girl who knows what she wants and taking what I want from her, to break her and make her mine.  Do you know what I mean, Claire?”  Dave said while gently caressing and pulling at the hair on the back of my head.

“I guess I do…”  I said apprehensively, I wasn’t sure what he meant, but his eyes were such a brilliant green, I would do anything for him, just to keep looking at those piercing eyes!!

“See – I knew someone as smart as you would understand.  I want you to be mine, Claire”  Dave Said.

Dave grabbed me and pulled me back over to him, he began kissing me again.  He kissed my lips, down my neck and began unbuttoning my shirt.  I was suddenly panicked, the library did have cameras…would Dave lose his job, would we go to jail.  I pulled away.  

This was the catalyst that began the best night of rough sex I’ve ever had!!

“I don’t think I can do this Dave, there are cameras – what if we get caught?”

“I told you, you’re mine, now-now get back here, and shut your fucking mouth!” Dave said sternly.

I couldn’t help but just nod.  He made me want to listen to him, to see where this would go.  I knew then that we may have some rough sex, what I couldn’t guess was that his cock was so huge, it was big enough to quench my size fetish!!

Dave yanked me back over to him and ripped the buttons off my shirt.  I was in shock, I froze – did he really just do that?  But – it was fucking hot, so I just went with it.  He yanked at my tits, squeezing, and kneading at them while he kissed my neck.  It hurt so good, I began to get excited to have some kinky rough sex with him!  

“Get on your knees.  Very good. Fold your hands at your lap.  I want you to stay like this until I get back.” Dave said

“OK,” I said

“Excuse me?  From now on you say ‘Yes, Sir’ understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said

Very Obediently, I stayed with my hands on my legs, as Dave walked away.  I saw him moving from row of books to row, and then he disappeared into the back.  I was wondering just how hard our rough sex would be.  

He returned with a cart full of big, thick dictionaries and wires.  

Dave began tying my arms behind me.  He jerked me over to him and pulled his pants off.  He grabbed me by my chin started slapping my face with his cock.

“Open your mouth.  I said open your mouth, now, Claire!” Dave said as he slapped my face.

“Yes, Sir.” I groaned.

I was loving how rough he was with me.  It was a rush to see how stiff his cock got when I said: “yes, sir.”  I couldn’t wait to have his stiff cock in me and have rough sex with him!!  Dave pulled hard on my hair, forcing his cock down my throat.  I gagged so hard and was drooling everywhere while he fucked my face.

“You’re a good little whore, aren’t you, Claire?  You love swallowing that big fucking cock, don’t you?” Dave said while he shoved his cock into my mouth.

“Yes, Sir! I’m your little whore!” I said in between thrusts.

“That’s enough, slut!” Dave said as he hit my face.

“Go climb on the stack of books like a good little bitch, and put that ass way in the air” He continued.

Dave pulled me by the wires wrapped around my arms and help me balance on two stacks of books, a knee on each stack of four.  He pushed my face down onto the seat of the couch, so I was bent over with my ass high in the air.  I became so excited as he started rubbing on my clit.  I had always fantasized about rough sex, and my pussy was soaked from Dave’s heavy hand.

Dave was tender with me for a moment.  I would never have guessed he could get so rough with me!

“Oh look at how wet that little whore pussy is,”  Dave said as he slid two fingers in my pussy.  “Oh, this little slut pussy is so tight!!  I guess you haven’t had any decent dick, huh, slut?”

Dave began working his fingers in and out of me.  I was too tight for him.  He wanted to see how far he could make my pussy gape.  I later found out, Dave had a hot size fetish!

“No, I haven’t”  I moaned as he moved his fingers in and out of my pussy quicker.  He was starting to work all four of his fingers in me!

Suddenly, I felt a sting rush throughout my ass cheek.  Dave had wires from the computer lab and had whipped me.  The warm rush of pain throughout my ass made my pussy explode.  I couldn’t help it, rough sex got me hot!!

“No, what?” Dave said sternly.

“No Sir” I moaned.

“That’s good, cum-gushing slut, ”He said as he glided the wires over my ass, fingers still moving inside me.  

Dave stood behind me and began whipping my ass, making me squeal with every sting.  He started slapping my back with the wires, making me scream.  Dave grabbed my ass and forced his cock in me, despite my squirming.  The second I felt him slamming his cock in me, I came all over his stiff, throbbing cock.

 I was loving our rough sex.

“You’re going to ruin these books, whore,” he said as he rammed his cock in me.

Dave grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head toward the ceiling as he hammered into my soaked, tight pussy.  He was really enjoying our rough sex.

“Is that my pussy, whore?” Dave groaned.

“Yes, sir,” I said as my pussy started gushing all over him.

“Come for me again, bitch,” Dave said as he whipped my back again.

I came on his cock as I have never come before, I felt it spray across my back as he pummeled my pussy.

“Fuck your pussy harder, sir!” I gasped as I began uncontrollably cumming on his cock.  

I felt Dave drive his throbbing cock into me, hard as he yanked back on my hair and pulled me back onto him.  He let out a loud groan and I felt his cock throb as he came, deep inside me.

Dave gently untied me and released my arms.  We both collapsed on the couch, speechless after our night of rough sex in the library.  


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