His Size Fetish Scared Me, But My Pussy Was Thankful He Turned Me Into His Little Size Queen!!

My boyfriend has a size fetish.  He’s not a wimpy little sissy boy and he doesn’t have a minuscule cock, but he loves seeing an 11, 12-inch cock stuffed deep inside me. Initially, he was so shy about it, so nervous about telling me how he wanted to see my pussy gape wide open for him.  When he finally told me he had a size fetish, I was in shock, I didn’t know what to do. I saw those huge cocks and was beyond scared. I had so many questions. Would it Hurt? Would my pussy ever be the same again?

I was brave, and I trusted him, but could I really handle getting pounded by such a giant dick?

When he finally convinced me that everything would be alright, he truly set the mood.  My boyfriend laid out his tools like a craftsman, ready to work. He had several cocks varying in size – working up to the final boss challenge – a 12 inches long, 3 ½ inches around, massive dong.  I watched him pull out a wand, two different kinds of lube, and rope for days. He said he didn’t want to hurt me, but was going to make me cum so hard that my body would fight it. His hands squeezed my ankles hard, he wasn’t going to let me close my legs.

 He tied my legs back onto my thighs and hoisted them in the air.

I was completely helpless and vulnerable to his size fetish. He leaned in and started licking and sucking my pussy. As much as I writhed and twisted, my legs stayed spread.  He started working in an 8-inch cock, not much smaller than him and stared with a sadistic little smile as my pussy exploded all over it. He held the wand on my swollen clit and started working in a 10-inch dildo. My pussy sent shockwaves throughout my body.  I fought and strained against the ropes to close my legs, my body was in complete euphoria and I could hardly catch my breath every time that huge dildo moved in and out of me. Next thing I knew his head was back in between my legs, tasting all the pleasure my swollen vagina pumped out for him.  This was some pretty hardcore sex, but I fucking loved it!!

I knew then, that I was going to have a size fetish, too.

He set the wand on high and laid it on my clit as he popped open the lube and began lathering away at my final challenge.  The 10-inch dildo filled me up more than I thought my pussy could take, and I begged for him to untie me. I was so scared I couldn’t handle this log of a cock he was going to try to shove into my sensitive little honeypot.  He laughed and started easing the massive cock head into me bit by bit. My pussy instantly pulsated and shot out my love juices all over him. My boyfriend was ecstatic. I could tell that this was the live show he had waited so long to see.  He kept telling me how sexy and beautiful my pussy was as he pounded every inch of that giant 12-inch dildo into me.

He kept the wand on my clit and leaned into lap at it.

The feeling of being completely filled by this giant cock and having my clit toyed with took over my body.  It was truly as if he was exorcising a demon out of my gaping pussy hole. He kept pulling the colossal cock out of me and staring deep inside my wide hole. My boyfriend’s cock was unforgivingly hard and he rubbed it, watching my cum for him, knowing he had left his mark on this pussy, making it his.

 I watched him as I finally squirted across the room, he couldn’t take it anymore, he had to feel the loose, wet, warm place he made to stir his cock around in. I was more than excited to feel the relief of his average sized dick ramming into the deep black hole he had created. It didn’t take long, and he pumped his load deep into my open pussy.  We both just laid there, exasperated and high from his kinky little size fetish!


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